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I have released three CDs and five songs nationwide. I would like to visit your church and share in song and personal testimony.

I went from an athlete, to a wheelchair, at the young age of 18. More tragedy followed, with drug and alcohol addiction, and the death of my wife from a drug overdose. Then Jesus said "LIVE" and my transformation began.

With your help, God can use me in your area to reach the lost for Christ, and to be a blessing to your church. For bookings, please call:

(910) 655-0417 or message me at:


Respectfully Yours,
Randy Ward,

Gospel on Wheels - The Man In The Wheelchair - Singing for Jesus .


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Put Your Hand In The Hand

album: Something Old Something New
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Put Your Hand In The Hand
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12/04/15 12:41:29AM @bless-you:

Nice song. Been a while since I heard this great song. Bless you.


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