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Brand Evaluation: The Omogo Reloaded Logo

By ResQ Records/PiKture Time Films, 2011-08-05

According to O'Guin, Allen and Semenik in their book Advertising and Intergrated Brand Promotion, the new world of advertising is full of companies who are looking for new ways to get their brand across to audience and potential consumers. In this seemingly ad cluttered environment, small businesses are caught in the struggle between big corporation on how to make their brand visible and...
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By ResQ Records/PiKture Time Films, 2011-08-11

The music business has been and is undergoing crazy changes that is shaking up all the major and small players in the industry. The problem is not the evolution of a different way of manipulating and consuming media but the failure of the player to foresee and yield to these changes.


In studying entrepreneurship last semester, I came across the concept of "creative destruction" which for example had eliminated the elevator man and made extinct the typewriter. On the other hand, the same concept has improved the functionality of the cellular phones and mobile devices, which has become the "now" gadget of the 21st century and beyond. If these devices get smarter, they will start to walk.


Before I ramble off topic, I want to implore us not to be like the music industry and  ignore the...

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