Hai friend’s glad to meet you .I am pastor’s family. My father, Pastor Arulraj more than 32 years serving the Lord. I am the elder one, I received jesus ,when I was in Ukraine 1995. Accidently I went to Ukraine study for medicine course . But the contractor who sent me there he cheated me,because every year many thousands of dollars I must pay. I don't have that money, My father is poor man of God. I decided to kill myself. But Jesus came my heart, I got saved I plan to come back India, But God told me to stay there. 1 year I studied russian language there. 2nd year i don't have visa , I don't pay the University Of Medicine.So, they took from medical hostal, A widow woman took me and feed me there. I joined the church called victory . I studied one year Diplomo bible course in russian there. In 1998 nearly to dead, because I was ill by the snow -30 Digree celsieus. I near to dead. Doctors said to me you will die soon, I have no money to come back, I ask god to help me, The pastor called me and helped me to come back to india in 1998 June. Here I got healed,& 3 years I studied in madras assembles of bible school. In 2001 I got married & got two daughters First one Angelin jemi nancy 12 years studing in 6TH standard. Second one Herlin arulsiya studing 3rd standard. My father has a small church still now he has nothing yarn for him. My second brother also Pastor they living from me 100 kilometeres My brother has a orphange called Loving Hands India. 50 orphan children there .We doing a independent ministry. We doing our ministry only faith Pleas pray for us, and visit us we love you amen. Our church called babiyatha mission we have a place God provide it. We have 40 believers.We need to build our church with 1000 peoples, Please pray about it. I have a great passion to do missionary works some time in Russia and some other countries .Also I am going and preach the gospel many parts of india praise god please pray for us .Please remember our ministry with your prayers and supports


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feed the poor belivers

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feed the poor belivers with physical food


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