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Another Day

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Another Day –Richard Shekari


It’s yet another day
Yes, it’s a blesseth day
Wipe your tears
Now, dust yourself
oh com’ on, I say let’s try it again

*Verse One*

It’s only pain
Still no gain
Hope seems so far away
You cried in the rain
Feels like you’re in chains
Your struggles appear to be in vain
I know, tomorrow is gon’be a better day
Don’t you cry child it’ll go away
Tomorrow is gon’ be a better day
Don’t you cry it’ll go away
I’ll be right here
When you need a friend
I’ll be right here
Keep your head up.


Verse Two
We gon’fly high
Hold my hands tight
Everything will be alright
We’ll dance in the skies (4x)
Copyright 2018 Richard Shekari

Another Day


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