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What Will You Decide

album: The California Years
genre: Christian Rock
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From "The California Years" collection
You must seek the Lord first-while He may be found,
Not that career-fame or fortune that this life offers you now,
Your life is but a vapor-vanishing before the wind,
That can be drawn quickly to an untimely sudden end.
…And what will you decide,
He’s The Way-The Truth and The Life,
If you keep on putting Him off,
You’ll never know His love-you’ll never know….His…love
Jesus knows you are thinking about all of your friends,
Of what they will think of you-if you let Him in,
But never you mind if they would laugh or  they would scowl,
Because one day before Jesus on their knees they too will bow.
                      (repeat CHORUS)
God knows everything you have suffered and that you are lonely,
The hurts-the pains-the sorrow…each tear you shed He sees,
No friend could be closer than Jesus can and would be with you,
It’s the choice only you make-what will you now choose. 
                      (repeat CHORUS)
What Will You Decide


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