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Singer/song writer of country style Gospel music, and member of ISSA (International Singer/Songwriter's Association). Have pastored several churches throughout the years. My wife, Lynne, and I worked together to raise up a church from the ground up. We are now members of Calvary Chapel church in Monett. Mo, under Pastors Dennis and Patty Burge. We are largely involved in the music program there, as well as doing Volunteer programs for local senior citizens homes. We both love gospel music, and sharing the love of God where ever we get the opportunity. Our album, Crucified, is actually our first. We both have been in music of some form for many years. I write music the same way I preached.., as the Holy Spirit leads. Our songs can be found on YouTube, Google play, itunes/ apple music. Spotify. Always available for bookings. Our mission is to share God’s love, to His Glory and Honor.



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Mom’s Final Act

By Roger Todd, 2018-11-15
Mom’s Final Act

Mom’s Final Act

Success is never final and failure is never fatal. It’s courage that counts.

Jules Ellinger

Being in prison, a person has plenty of time to think, and for me the past thirteen years have been filled with memories of the past. In the lonely hours of night, my mind sweeps back to the most significant events of my life, and oh so often, back to Mom, and her final act.

Her eyes were dark and sad, and her face seemed to reflect many more years than she had actually lived. She was a handsome woman at best but in my eyes, she was beautiful.

Mom lived a hard life but always took time to show us six children that we were loved. She prided herself on always being there with the answer to our every need, and someone always needed something. Clearly I recall the sounds of home. “Mom, my shirt needs ironing. Mom, I need help with my homework. Mom, what’s for dinner? Mom, I need this, and Mom, I need that.” Mom was always the answer—no...