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For the past 5 years one of my main loves has been writing worship music, in the vision of putting out music that has an undistorted view of God, and praising Jesus our king from our hearts. You need to put emphasis on placing God first in your heart when Praising/Worship, and there is even more of a challenge to do so when writing worship music. Before I start to write a song, during, and after, there is always the challenge to have God fully invited into the construction of creation. My mission is fully lost if I am writing worship music for the sole purpose of writing worship music, instead of being led by the 1 and only True Architect "God".. There is still the big question for me, Is this what God wants me doing, and I feel at this point that it is what God wants me doing, and has blessed me with some awesome gifts. Hopefully something gets set in motion with these works, but if not, it has already been a blessing to me of awesome proportion that words do no justice for. When I was about 15 I wrote my first song; it was a 3 part waltz that I wrote for a scouting project. From that point on I knew that it wouldn't be my last creation. Not too long ago I went to GRCC for my Associates in Recording Tech. Before that time I had been at Ferris for 5 years where I played in a Jazz Ensemble, and also a Jazz Quartet. Later on I was big into writing R&B Songs, as well as some Jazz, Funk, and some music that I don't really feel fits under any genre. At about the end of my stay at GRCC I became good friends with a preacher, and a pastor. The preacher just filled me up with the word, and the Pastor broke down the Gospel for me. Wasn't too long before I was baptized, and started listening to something that I had never heard of. I became a big fan of Worship Music, loved being in Praise Team, and even had the privilege to lead praise at a very small church. I figured God put this love for music in me, he put that passion there, he gave me some skills to create, so I just assumed to only create Worship Music, and kind of give it all back to him. I do hope that I get discovered as a songwriter, and that my music can be used, but it has already been a blessing as I said before. One time when I was done leading praise a older lady came up to me, and told me that my worship music had been helping her through her hard times; It's not really my music, and I don't really know if the worship music was helping her,...but she had been going through some very hard times,..And I felt so good going home that Sunday. I don't at all have a great singing voice, so you’re just going to bear with me; Also, for some reason my recordings can sound horrible in certain speakers...there is a lot of Phase Cancellation, and my mixes just get messed up, for I'm not using the best Audio Software at the current time,....So I would suggest using Headphones. Every time I go down to my friends place in Rockford, and listen to one of my songs on their computer speakers,.....well I'm just left Confused Currently I'm Redoing 2 Songs 1) Mighty God 2) Three Cheers for a King Also Working on a couple new recordings And finally; I'm working on a Music Video I hope you enjoy Please let me know what you think!!! Give me the 411!!!


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