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Advertising Subscription

We offer several levels of advertising - powered by  Eagle Ads  


Advertising Options



At key locations we have installed ad rotators from our  Eagle Ads  website. Hovering over an ad gives an invitation to click through to the website or sales page. Statistics such as impressions and clicks (both unique and all), are tracked.


As an example, each time you refresh or reload this page, the embedded rotators will randomly display another ad, sometimes the same one twice.


The long tall one on the left reaches over 150,000 pages of Christian content. It is called a " Tall Banner " in the subscription widget. The " Short Banner " to the right is smaller but has the same reach. Both are installed in the right column of the homepage, but also thousands of other pages including the member pages.


There are two ad rotators installed on our radio. Air time is available too, for inquiries please use the  contact form  (which also handles song submissions).  A CD cover linked to your sales page, or a website logo linked to your site, is perfect for this ad space. To view the radio rotators click  HERE . These are also installed on our professional artist site the  Gospel-Jukebox .


What I like to call the " Big Ad ", loads once per each new browser session on our home page. It is unblockable and denies access to the network unless it is closed or times out. It's a good way to spotlight your Ministry, whether you are an artist or not. A book, a Church, a podcast, a video, whatever. You saw one the first time you came to this page, to see one again click HERE.


The square one below right is our " Artist Spotlight " rotator, installed on the top left of the  home  page. Click the artists picture or name to visit them. Non artists can make a substitution with an additional bottom banner or a radio ad, in the packages.

 Artist Spotlight             

The " Bottom Banner " is like the one below, and is located near the bottom of the homepage. It's also at the top of the wall at the  Gospel-Jukebox  home page.

If you wish to participate at any level but do not have banners, I can usually resize and label something you already have for free. However, if you wish to go pro, Jude Nyanzi of Fresh Media Consults  is an expert at graphics and webdesign. Get a professionally designed banner for $7 or a complete set with 4 shapes for $25. For animated banners simply double the price.
Your ads will also appear in other areas of our network, such as our podcast and network hub. Also, twice a month I will use our Eagle Ads site to blast 4 huge marketing networks, where tens of thousands of affiliate marketers will see your ads. These are the Matrix , Kiwi , Platinum Solo , and Platinum Text networks.
The first network alone has over 44,000 marketers. Anyone subscribed to the full package here at Indie Gospel , will be given automatic SJV status upon joining Eagle Ads, plus 2 additional Platinum Ads. This will allow you to blast the networks yourself, and provide tools to give wings to your dreams...
Please subscribe to one of our advertising options above, or make tax deductible donations  through WAAOM. Either way, please support the network's mission to " win souls and feed kids ".
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