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By sadieblair, 2021-10-29

Slavery in the United States had come a gradual way from its chattel form to ghettos. Jim Crow laws segregated the African Americans and raised the motto “Separate but equal.” The one-drop rule supposed that a single drop of the black blood referred to black ancestry. The African Americans or “all black” were widely used terms. Since during the whole history of the United States, several institutions had controlled and supervised these people, it led to the formation of the theory of racial domination in the country.

People tend to differentiate black and white people according to their ancestors and their blood. However, there are many kinds of black and white persons. It is a matter of thinking. As usual, people are defined black legally or socially. A person may be an African American, but he or she may think as a black or vice versa. The one-drop rule reflected the question “Who is black?” This...

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