Sally Ray


I am a spiritual person more so than a religious person. I've been down that road of hardship with abuse, and coped with loved ones addiction and my own, I've seen the bottom. God was the Only reason for the Blessings in my life. He has been by my side the whole way. The music I write is a witness to Gods Walk with Me, and hopefully will touch someone so that they may see God in their life as I did. He made Me a mother of a beautiful Daughter named Sky Lilly. She is definitely my Light in the Darkness. May God Bless you the way He did Me.


Location: Toronto, Ontario
Country: CA

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Live Right Now

Live Right Now

album: Demo Track
genre: CCM
Walk With Me

Walk With Me

album: Demo Track
The Place I Was Before
We are God's Children(2008 recording)
Grace through Struggle
Nothing Can Stand In My  Way