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I am a gospel/praise and worship singer /songwriter looking to serve the body of Christ through sharing my music. Thanks for the opportunity to share my songs with Indiegospel .In these troubled times ,music is especially important now to minister to those who are isolated,alone and maybe afraid and confused.My hope is that each listener to this site will find a song among these artists that will touch them in a profound way. To God be all the glory!!



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Praise Him Praise Him

album: Fall Into Grace
genre: gospel music praise and worship
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when my enemies surround me
and there's fear and trouble deep within
from  the secret place I will praise Him praise Him

when the odds are stacked against me
and it seems there's no way I can win
stepping out in faith I will praise Him praise Him

when temptation ovewhelms me
and I feel helpless in a world of sin
He will rescue me if I just praise Him praise him

praise-when I need to move a mountain
praise-that will carry me through the storm
praise-when I need reminding of His mercy, mercy
praise-for His love and grace abounding
praise -when my soul is feeling bruised and torn
praise-more than any other reason He's worthy, worthy

I will make a joyful noise
with all my heart I will rejoice
from the rising of the sun to the setting of the same
I will live each day to praise His holy name

when my prayers go unanswered
and my hope is growing oh so dim
more than ever now I need to praise Him praise him

when He calls me to a new path
and I don't know where to begin
for His hand of guidance I will praise Him praise him

Praise Him Praise Him


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