Sean Croley

Show Mercy

album: Launch Into The Deep
genre: CCM
streams: 47

Show Mercy
James Banfield
03/28/16 05:20:31PM @james-banfield:

Hi Sean.. hey could you go into your Indie Gospel page and put in a picture (the one of you in the hat is fine) so when  "Show mercy" comes up there is a picture in the main box while its playing.. "The Indie Gospel's Top 20 Chart is up and rolling. you are entered into the Top for April 2016.. #19 as just cominginto the mix.. Hey do you have any new stuff out? if you could, could you upload a couple of new ones that we can use in the Top 20 mix.. I could switch it/exchange it with 319  fairly easy.  Hey have a good one... been awhile.. JB  



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