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Thank You Ken Rich & Indie Gospel Artists

user image 2013-03-14
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I want to personally thank you Ken Rich, for being obedient to create  Indie Gospel Artists.  Next week because of your obedience and then my call 3 years ago to birth JOSHUA'S HOUSE FOR CHRISTIAN ARTISTS, we are still standing. You see I am not an artists but I do love music. Joshua's House for Christian Artists is operated and lead by the Holy Spirit. I, SMR, Apostle Dr. Heloise do not pick the artists. My sheep know My voice and they obey. I have been for the last two weeks doing a look back of the many artists that have come to Joshua's House for Christian Artists.

When I was given this call, the Holy Spirit directed me here. The artists all willing to share their gifts and talent at Joshua's House for Christian Artists have made this journey so wonderful.

I want to encourage many others whom God has called to do out of the box ministry to reach the lost, broken and even many in the body of Christ to be obedient and move into your true destiny. It is much work as Ken can tell you yet it is well work the  joy as you are a blessing to bless many.

Looking forward March 19-20, 2013 :2days of Holy Ghost Party and celebrating our Christian Lifestyle.

I want to personally thank Annette E, Bronx, NY ,  for being a blessing when I first begin this journey 3 yrs as she mailed me a copy of her lovely CD.  God bless and Keep UP  the awesome work Ken ,

 Love and appreciate you, Apostle Dr. Heloise SMR

Ken Rich
03/14/13 10:50:26PM @ken-rich:

Wow - thanks Heloise.

Thank-you too, for doing your part in the body  Through you the artists get exposure and people are reached for the Lord, so it's all good. - blessings.

03/14/13 11:29:27PM @seeking-my-remnant-entertainment:
Blessings to you also. God bless.


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