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I have been in the music industry for over 18 years now and it has been a real rollercoaster ride. As a Country artist, I wrote and recorded several different albums under a few different Indie labels only to hit a brick wall over and over. In 2001, I thought I was done with the business, until 2 years ago, when I realized that God had different plans for me. This time around, my passion is much more than sharing my music with people. Recently, I have been called to a Healing Music Ministry – a very specific ministry that is filled with messages of encouragement, faith and love. My performances include songs from the album interspersed with testimony and supporting scriptures. I have always believed that music can be used in a powerful way to heal people’s hurts and open hardened hearts. It is truly an honor to be used by God for this purpose!


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Just One Thought by Sharon Lee Beavers

Duration: 00:03:26
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Sharon Lee Beavers
04/26/13 09:40:41PM @sharon-lee-beavers:

This song deals with how just ONE thought can begin a downward spiral to adultry and sin.  Very similar to the idea of Casting Crown's "Slow Fade" - many times, thoughts become actions - they start with small actions and eventually lead to disaster.  I pray that this video is the wake up call for someone who is on the verge of giving into temptation before it is too late....


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