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Mie'L & Company (pronounced My-L) is quickly starting to become a household name in the music industry. With their unique sound, expecting to be a success, has gained interest from across the globe. The development of their unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influences. Mie'L's first foray into learning an instrument himself came when he started to play the drums at age 4. Later he began to play the cello and bass, which he continued for several years before finally putting his hands on a keyboard at the age of 19, a decision which he never looked back from. The musical journey of Mie'L began in Spartanburg, South Carolina. It was here that he developed his musical tastes and interest, by listening to different genres of music such as mainstream jazz, country, gospel, r&b, hip-hop, classical and opera. After realizing that making music was his passion and calling, he began to showcase his talent in various venues across the nation, playing at numerous gigs and making sure that his name and his music were being heard by as many people as possible. He was quickly noted for the unique style that he brought to the traditional music scene, and popularity began to grow. Finally, after honing his unique sound over the years, God has favored him with opportunities to play, produce and record with some of the biggest names in the gospel and r&b industry, which underlies the changes that he has gone through, and defined him as a well-rounded and mature producer that continues to strive for perfection in any musical project that has his name stamped to it. As the leader of Mie'L & Company, the biggest part of his growth was to understand himself as a man of God, which has allowed him to develop as a person, and has in turn profoundly aided his musical development.


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