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Shel & PushPlay was birth in the fall of 2006. PushPlay is Shel’s personal band consisting of a unique bend of singers and talented musicians with Shel as the narrator. With his goal and mission to win souls for Christ, he has taken his traditional church sound and fused various modern musical styles into it. Shel’s lyrics are clearly evolutionary. Telling everyone about the goodness of God, as well as sending positive messages to those in need of encouragement. The debut album entitled “Express Yourself” is a 15-track album dedicated to giving people that “life changing” music. This album is undefined, the music is unmatched, and Shel & PushPlay’s future is immeasurable.


Location: Bronx, NY
Zipcode: 10462
Country: US


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Shel & PushPlay's Video Premiere

By Shel & PushPlay, 2010-09-08
Check out Shel & PushPlay's Video Premiere this Sunday on BET Video Gospel 11am EST

Check your local listings...
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Praise House interview...

By Shel & PushPlay, 2010-10-11
Check out Shel's interview tomorrow evening 10/12/10 at 8pm EST on
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Shel presents "Express Yourself"

By Shel & PushPlay, 2011-01-18

Shel presents "Express Yourself" a night of Poetry and Performing Arts featuring Shel & PushPlay.


Friday Jan. 28th 2011



Greater Holy Tabernacle Church

3780 3rd Ave

Bronx, NY 10456


for more info e-mail Shel&

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"Express Yourself"

By Shel & PushPlay, 2011-02-25
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"Express Yourself" March 25th 2011

By Shel & PushPlay, 2011-03-21
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Comedy Night @ LFT featuring Shel & PushPlay

By Shel & PushPlay, 2011-03-30
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Youth Conference

By Shel & PushPlay, 2011-10-11
860-YC2011.jpg Fall Youth Conference 2011 Oct. 20th-23rd
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