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I am beloved and blessed of the Lord Jesus Chrsit. I have a long testimony which I like to make brief here. I was saved in September 1984. I was a young teenager who started with a deep hunger for God. I had an awesome experience after a weekend of revival camp on 1st to 3rd January, 1987, in my city Aba-Nigeria, West Africa. I still remember the theme of the camp revival "...AS SOON AS ZION TRAVAILED, SHE BROUGHT FORTH HER MAN CHILD" Early the next day by 2a.m. Sunday morning on the 4th January '87, after I had returned home, I had an encounter with the Lord. He appeared in such unimaginable glory, like a very tall mountain of dazzling light. The only thing he spoke I remember was "I AM JESUS CHRIST LORD OF ALL!". I was so broken in spirit and cried. As years went by I continued my education and worked in Laboratory service in a multinational Soap/Detergent company. I had been part of teaching of young believers in my church and a member of interdenomination ministry until by 1995, when the Lord spoke to me expressly to resign my job for the ministry. I obeyed instantly, as I had been having a burden for souls since I had that encounter. I travelled around my country on missions and ministrying to the sick in hospitals. By year 2000, I had a vision of the Lord sending me to the USA. This took awhile in years waiting and working towards the trip. I arrived US by 26th October 2007, and now lives Valdosta, Georgia.. During times of waiting to be where the Lord planned, I had gone through tough situations like family frustrations against my stubborn faith for God's call instead to settle down for something else. I had fallen at times in relationships which failed. But though through bad times, God has been my strength of cover and restoration. My focus on God has been my backbone for living in victory and success! I think I am multitalented, in ministry, in music, written more than 700 songs, book writer, recording artist, Producer, and founding Patron of young Christian organisation, Christian Talents International, a dancer like king David. I think I can try to fix anything by creativity.


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