The Downs Family


The Downs Family is a Southern Country Gospel group from Booneville, Mississippi. We love to travel and spread the good news of the gospel through song to everyone who will give us the opportunity. We are a family group made up of Scotty & Teresa; daughters, Kayla & Meagan and our cousin Will. The Lord has blessed us in so many ways. We have recorded three albums that have some great tunes that have blessed people all over the world. Some of our songs that have reached national chart status include: "He Kept On Loving Me", "Cover Me", "I'll Not Fear The Valley", "He Chose The Nails" and "In The Hands Of The Savior". Over the years we have taken the stage with some of the best known groups in gospel music such as: The Crabb Family, Jeff & Sheri Easter, The Perrys, The Freemans, The Dunaways, The Shepherds, Gold City and more. If given the chance to come to your church or to sing at your next event, we promise to do the very best that we can to represent the Lord Jesus Christ with everything that we've got in a manner that will bring honor and glory to the Lord and also bring joy and happiness to you. If you feel that we could be a blessing to you, pray about it first and the give us a call at 662-416-5218.


Location: Booneville, MS
Zipcode: 38829
Country: US


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