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A veteran musician of more than a half-century, primarily as an instrumentalist and songwriter, Lee Schappell first stepped onto a stage in 1959, as a guest guitarist in a backup band. More than a half-century later, Lee has exchanged that rock’n’roll hairdo for flowing, snow-white locks, although the raw, rural juices still flow through his music today.

Lee’s early influences were Chuck Berry, Ray Charles, and that entire Sam Phillips Sun Record Company family of artists, such as Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, Charlie Rich, and Bill Riley. Later influences on his music creation included Carole King, Phil Spector, and Leon Russell.

Lee did enjoy a brief “cup of coffee” (yes, it was decaffeinated!) with Cameo Records in 1961, as LeRoy & His Rockin’ Fellers, before a most memorable and fortuitous encounter with Chocolate Chip Cookie icon Wally “Famous” Amos, who was at that time a representative of the William Morris Agency, during which Mr. Amos offered Lee some sage, sound advice, which resulted in a major course correction in Lee’s life, placing him on a path that would eventually lead to a comfortable home in Country Gospel music.

Following stints with various local country and folk Gospel groups and individuals artists, Lee formed “The New Earth Band” in 2006, and began cooking up that down-home brand of loose-and-easy, organic, raw-boned, retro-Country-Gospel music, that has become his signature.

In reality, The New Earth Band’s music is entirely about the Gospel message that’s embedded in the heart of each song. Lee’s focus is on carrying God’s incredibly good news of rescue and redemption in Jesus Christ to a judgment-bound world that is now reeling and rocking like a drunken sailor. So, taste The New Earth Band's music and see for yourself - enjoy and share it!

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The Door

album: The New Earth Band
genre: Country Gospel
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       The DOOR  (Lee Schappell)

Copyright 2006 Lee Schappell / Little Buford Music ASCAP


I worked too long and hard that day, couldn't wait to get back home

My poor old brain was frazzled, my body ached to the bone

I cooked up a little supper, but I left half on my plate

I knew I ought to catch some sleep before it got too late


So I tucked this tired old carcass into my warm and cozy bed

But I couldn't sleep a wink for all the chaos in my head

Then I heard a gentle knock, knock, knocking at my door 

Who in blazes could that be at a quarter after four?



So I stumbled down the stairs and opened up the door   to see

A Man in white apparel stood there, smiling back at me

I asked, "How may I help you, sir?" and He looked me square in the eye

Tears ran down my weary cheeks when I heard His reply.         He said ...



Behold I stand outside the door and patiently I knock 

I'm searching heart to heart to find the lost sheep of my flock

I want to sit and sup with you, and right here I'll abide

If you'll invite me in, I'll give you lasting peace inside




So I flung that door wide open and I flashed my biggest grin

I told Him, "You don't need to knock. Y'all just come on in."

I said, "Lord, my home is your home, and if you'll only stay,

I'll make You Lord of everything and trust You every day."


He stepped inside and as He spoke, a warm glow filled the room

He said, "The judgment has arrived and My return is soon.

Let's put your house in order - I've got work for you to do

Tell your friends 'n fam'ly everything I've said to you."




Just then, the neighbor's rooster crowed and woke me from my sleep

But the Lord had moved my heart, now there's a promise I must keep

So I'm telling all the folks I meet and everyone I know    \   (break)

"Let the Lord and Savior get your ducks back in a row ...

      because He's standing outside your door, and He's saying ..."


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That's found in Revelation 3:20.   You'll want to look it up for yourself

and please take Him up on His offer, because His return is at the door

  \ \ \    -    and this is your wakeup call         (RoosterCrow)

The Door


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