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A veteran musician of more than a half-century, primarily as an instrumentalist and songwriter, Lee Schappell first stepped onto a stage in 1959, as a guest guitarist in a backup band. More than a half-century later, Lee has exchanged that rock’n’roll hairdo for flowing, snow-white locks, although the raw, rural juices still flow through his music today.

Lee’s early influences were Chuck Berry, Ray Charles, and that entire Sam Phillips Sun Record Company family of artists, such as Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, Charlie Rich, and Bill Riley. Later influences on his music creation included Carole King, Phil Spector, and Leon Russell.

Lee did enjoy a brief “cup of coffee” (yes, it was decaffeinated!) with Cameo Records in 1961, as LeRoy & His Rockin’ Fellers, before a most memorable and fortuitous encounter with Chocolate Chip Cookie icon Wally “Famous” Amos, who was at that time a representative of the William Morris Agency, during which Mr. Amos offered Lee some sage, sound advice, which resulted in a major course correction in Lee’s life, placing him on a path that would eventually lead to a comfortable home in Country Gospel music.

Following stints with various local country and folk Gospel groups and individuals artists, Lee formed “The New Earth Band” in 2006, and began cooking up that down-home brand of loose-and-easy, organic, raw-boned, retro-Country-Gospel music, that has become his signature.

In reality, The New Earth Band’s music is entirely about the Gospel message that’s embedded in the heart of each song. Lee’s focus is on carrying God’s incredibly good news of rescue and redemption in Jesus Christ to a judgment-bound world that is now reeling and rocking like a drunken sailor. So, taste The New Earth Band's music and see for yourself - enjoy and share it!


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The Devil's Cadillac

album: The Last Kamikaze
genre: Country Gospel
streams: 23

The DEVIL’S CADILLAC      (A Parable)   E

(Lee Schappell) Copyright 2011 Little Buford Music ASCAP


The devil sold me a brand-new, flaming-red Cadillac convertible

some time back - noooo money down

It’s got the big engine, full power accessories, surround-sound stereo,

     velour upholstery – slickest ride in town

He gave me zero-APR financing; the payments, only 200 bucks-a-month –

all   interest free

I grabbed the keys and said, “She’s a real beauty - this one’s for me.”


Well, I fired up the engine and dropped her in gear, squealin’ the tires

as I drove off,   the wind in my hair,   deep into the night

And with that radio blastin’, I cruised down the Interstate, headin’

right for those big   city lights

It wasn’t easy, keeping up with those payments over the years,   and

trying to maintain   my life in the fast lane

And I had quite a time   keepin’ that Caddy’s big, thirsty gas tank

filled with premium   high-octane

Instrumental Break ...


I stopped by to see the devil the other day; made another payment …

and He asked me,   “How   do you like your ride?”

I said, “I’m having the time of my life – I’m the envy of every man, and

     all the women want to climb inside.”

“But tell me,” I said, “how long must I keep making these payments?” and

he whispered, “Forever,” then he laughed, “that’s the way it goes!”

I looked him straight in the face, handed him the keys and said,

     “Hang your Caddy on your nose.”


I said, “I’m done   doin’ business with the likes of you,   Bub; I know

what you’re all about.

“’What good’s a Cadillac that’s ‘interest-free’ and ‘nothing-down’ –

if the payments are gonna wipe me out?”

I said, “I got a better deal, now - Bro

I found it at the Salvation Store.

I’m simply gonna be walking   with Jesus   from here on in . . . and I

won’t be making these here payments to you   any more.”


Y’know, the devil’s got tricks and traps for everybody – and you, too!

There’s no exceptions to that rule

You wanna read that real fine print, ‘way down at the bottom of the

page - KNOW the terms, so you won’t wind up the devil’s fool

So, who needs is a “no-money-down” Cadillac, “interest-free!”

If the payments are gonna do you in?

And never cut a deal with the devil   in exchange for a season of sin


You tell him he can come and pick up his Caddy – and the ignition keys?

Well, just leave ‘em   in

You’re gonna get a far better deal with the Savior - payment-free//

and forever-peace//   within

The Devil's Cadillac
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