The New Earth Band


A veteran musician of more than a half-century, primarily as an instrumentalist and songwriter, Lee Schappell first stepped onto a stage in 1959, as a guest guitarist in a backup band. More than a half-century later, Lee has exchanged that rock’n’roll hairdo for flowing, snow-white locks, although the raw, rural juices still flow through his music today.

Lee’s early influences were Chuck Berry, Ray Charles, and that entire Sam Phillips Sun Record Company family of artists, such as Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, Charlie Rich, and Bill Riley. Later influences on his music creation included Carole King, Phil Spector, and Leon Russell.

Lee did enjoy a brief “cup of coffee” (yes, it was decaffeinated!) with Cameo Records in 1961, as LeRoy & His Rockin’ Fellers, before a most memorable and fortuitous encounter with Chocolate Chip Cookie icon Wally “Famous” Amos, who was at that time a representative of the William Morris Agency, during which Mr. Amos offered Lee some sage, sound advice, which resulted in a major course correction in Lee’s life, placing him on a path that would eventually lead to a comfortable home in Country Gospel music.

Following stints with various local country and folk Gospel groups and individuals artists, Lee formed “The New Earth Band” in 2006, and began cooking up that down-home brand of loose-and-easy, organic, raw-boned, retro-Country-Gospel music, that has become his signature.

In reality, The New Earth Band’s music is entirely about the Gospel message that’s embedded in the heart of each song. Lee’s focus is on carrying God’s incredibly good news of rescue and redemption in Jesus Christ to a judgment-bound world that is now reeling and rocking like a drunken sailor. So, taste The New Earth Band's music and see for yourself - enjoy and share it!


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Jesus Never Sang the Blues

album: The New Earth Band
genre: Country Gospel
streams: 24

JESUS NEVER SANG the BLUES  (Lee Schappell)

Copyright 2007 Little Buford Music ASCAP


When stranded in the cold and driving rain

I often gripe and mumble with disdain

The road of life has bumps

We all must take our lumps

But my voice is the loudest one to grumble and complain


And, then I look at Jesus and I see

The rocky road He traveled just for me

How He stood falsely accused, beaten ...

... spat on and abused

Then He paid the price that set me free


#1 Chorus:

He sang glory to the Father, He sang joy to heav'n above

He sang laughter to the children as He poured them out His love

He sang peace on earth good will to men this world's still dreaming of

Oh but, Jesus never, ever sang the blues (Hallelujah)

I say Thank God, Jesus never sang the blues


He never whined or wimpered, just like me

When His sweat and blood flowed at Gethsemane

He could have cut-and-run

But He prayed, "Thy will be done"

And then went to the wall to re-deem all on Calvary


He never hesitated at the cost

When He spared Adam's race eternal loss

He never said a word

No protest could be heard

The day they nailed Him naked to that cross


^ Back to #1 Chorus:


Jesus knows exactly how it feels

When all those jerks are nipping at your heels

When you're down on the floor

And the demon's at your door

The Lord still packs the juice to get you back up on your wheels


When trials come, take heart in God's good news

You can do like Jesus, if you choose

Don't hang your head and sigh

Or pout and wonder why

'Cause, Jesus never, ever sang the blues


#2 Chorus:

The Gospel is an offer that you really can't refuse

'Cause there's eternity to gain and not a thing to lose

Willingly, amazing grace has paid up all your dues

And Jesus never, ever sang the blues (Hallelujah)

You can thank God Jesus never sang the blues (praise His name)

No, Jesus never, ever sang the blues

Jesus Never Sang the Blues


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