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We are the Christian rock band The Word66. We believe that our purpose is to spread the word with our God given abilities through our style of music. Our 1st track is called "On the way to the promise land" inspired by the book of Exodus. We have lyrics on our website to follow along or you can watch the video. This is the 1st track with lots more to follow.



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New single

By The Word66, 2020-11-28
New single

Hello. The Christian rock band The Word66 just released a follow up to the single "On the way to the promise land." Currently being played all over the world on several different platforms and currently #10 on Spiderweb radio with AC/DC, Shinedown, Alice Cooper and Queen. We

The new single is a rocking cover of the classic "Spirit in the sky." Please check it out and tell us what you think. Thank you.

Rocking for Jesus

By The Word66, 2020-10-02
Rocking for Jesus

Just a quick update. Our debut single "On the road to the promise land" has been out a few weeks and we are sitting #1 on the Christian rock local chart and #5 nationally and globally on Reverbnation. We are serving our purpose and anxiously awaiting what lies ahead.

New Christian Rock

By The Word66, 2020-09-16
New Christian Rock

We are a new Christian rock band releasing our 1st single "On the way to the promise land." Please check it out, let us know what you think, and please pass it on to anyone who will listen to our message.