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Todd Hoover has spent the past decade looking for increasingly creative ways to offer his musical gifts back the triune God from whom he received them, both as a worship musician in the sanctuary and as a singer/songwriter in the coffeehouse. He has regularly volunteered at seven different churches, planning, leading, and composing worship; rehearsing various musical ensembles; organizing charity events; hosting a weekly theological book study; occasionally preaching sermons; and otherwise ministering in various capacities. In addition, he has performed as a semi-professional musical performer at various West Coast venues since 2003, both as a solo artist and in five different bands (The Invisible Teal, Uggamugga, Mutual Friends, The Nature of Things, The Matrishka House). After wrestling with inclinations toward ministry for roughly five years, Todd entered Fuller Theological Seminary’s worship and music ministry program in early 2009 and will be graduating in June 2012. He has been heavily involved in the activities of student groups such as Fuller Arts Collective and The Fuller Company (presiding over the former group during this past year), and hopes to continue encouraging people toward sacrifices of good works and generosity (Heb. 13:16, NRSV) in whatever capacity and locale God decides to lead him. Todd’s latest album, "The Whole Spirit: Redemption Songs," is a long-form worship piece written as an exploration of music’s relatedness to metanoia (the Koine Greek noun for “repentance”). This progressive, Advent-themed folk liturgy—which was officially released May 8, 2012 and consists of nine distinct movements that are sequenced as individual tracks—examines the multifaceted potential for music to redirect humanity’s affective, cognitive, and behavioral loyalty toward He whose redemptive grace and truth is infinitely more powerful than history’s most poignant tunes (Mark 1:1-8, NRSV). A more extensive biography and explanation of the album can be read at "The Whole Spirit: Redemption Songs" is now available for stream and download at and Todd can be reached at 480-695-6494 and Thank you very much for listening.


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