Nicknamed .."The Gospel Elvis"..Pastor,Artist,Songwriter,Actor, Gospel singer,Writer,Poet,Computer Technician, landscaper,Office Professional,and He loves People... Known International for his Fine Art works, with many Art Exhibitions and Published Books of his artworks..can be found Worldwide..He just recently started he singing career only 7 months ago in 2014, after a dream that the Lord show him singing in Heaven, He has been singing since then ...never have any type of singing training or voice lesson his whole life..but he sings for the Lord..also in His Ministry , he has the Gift of Healings in his hands.. My Vision is not to be a star , but to shine a light like a star into everyone hearts for Jesus, I want my singing and music to point the World to the Throne of Glory..for it to give praises in his name not mine..I know this singing is anointed by his hand..I never sang or held a note all of my life ..What is so strange about my vocals is ..I can sing as low as Elvis and High as Michael Jackson..and my wife never heard me sing a note in all of my 17 years of Marriage until the Dream I had in 2014..I hope this Bio is a blessing to someone..Thanks to each one whom listen.. Anthony Flake Anthony Flake was recently Picked in the BET Awards as The Fan Favorite... Three Times Nominated and Winner of The X-Poze-ing Music Awards 2015..and 2016 Which will be Held November 5 , 2015 in Chicago Illinois, and Aug 18, 2016 At The Bottom Lounge..downtown Chicago...In the Catagory of Christian/Gospel song and video ..The Song title: God Wants to Set you Free! Congratulation to Anthony Flake and Good Luck..Update Anthony Flake Won The Best Song and Video Music Award . for God wants to Set You Free ..on Nov. 19,2015 . Anthony Flake is also featured in the New Movie Hello Au Revoir Released Jan (2017) - IMDb Music Press News>>>> Anthony Flake Just won another Gospel Music Feb .7, 2016 for December 2015 /BEST MUSIC VIDEO/



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