Tori Gay


Tori Gay grew up in the small town of Foxworth, MS. She sang her first church solo at the age of four, and by the time she was around ten, she was filling in for the pianist, eventually taking the position for a short while. After high school, she attended The University of Southern MS, where she earned her business degree. After graduation, she found herself evaluating her life, as she struggled to find what her divine purpose was. That changed in 2004, when God began to call Tori to the music ministry. For the next eight years, she pursued that call, praying her way through the ups and downs that came with it. Finally, in 2012, feeling she had the Lord’s blessing, she made the move to Seymour, TN. Although it was another small town, there were greater opportunities on the musical front. In 2017, she took a step into the unknown and brought Lula Bell into her program – an addition she has not regretted! In the years since that initial call to ministry, Tori has evolved into a singer, writer (of songs and otherwise), and comedienne whose desire is to communicate to others what God can do for them and what He’s done for her. She tries to adhere to the advice of “write what you know”, because she wants to be authentic in everything she shares with her audience. Tori is honored that she has been given the opportunity to use both music and comedy to share Jesus!



Songs: 10

I'm Gonna Keep Walkin'

album: For Today
genre: Southern Gospel
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I'm Gonna Keep Walkin'


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