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Tracy is widely known to his peers as a serious highly sought after percussionist and dynamic songwriter; he is a supremely gifted vocal artist with many talents. Coming from a musical background that spans more than two decades, the artist definitely has gospel music deeply rooted in his genes. Tracy has played in the same arena with some of Gospel music absolute finest such as Donnie McClurkin, Timothy Wright, John P. Kee, Dorothy Norwood and Israel of Israel and New breed. Tracy’s love for music started as early as age 7, being the middle child of 3 boys, he recalls wanting to follow in his older brother’s footsteps by becoming a skilled percussionist. However it was in the fourth grade, when Tracy turned 9 years old, he learned to read music. By the time he turned 16, Tracy was playing drums for the state of North Carolina in his church’s organization. Tracy’s success is contributed to his Christian upbringing where his mother and his aunts are avid churchgoers and faithful choir members. By the age of 17, he began to take songwriting seriously drawing from two beautiful women that left him continuously inspired, his grandmother, the late Mary Dunham and his former pastor, the late Anniebel Forrester. It is the love and cherished memories of these two angels in his life that drive his songwriting creativity. However, Tracy remains very humble in his accomplishments throughout his lifetime. God has led him to encounter people who would guide him in the right direction. He forever credits his mentor the late Darryl Shelton, Minister in the Church of God of Prophecy and local radio announcer in Charlotte, North Carolina. Shelton is responsible for grooming, and shaping the artist. He credits his mentor for giving him advice concerning the music profession. Shelton instilled in Tracy wisdom and the necessary tools for success. Tracy is forever grateful and he continues to apply the valuable lessons he learned from his mentor. Although Tracy has honed his craft as a percussionist and songwriter, he decided to throw a lot more of his vocal side into the mix. Tracy has other solo projects to his credit, however none at such magnitude as “The Journey”. He equates this project to “giving birth” because it is realized by the outpouring of lyrical inspiration in “God’s Voice” that literally he heard a whisper from God. “The Journey” reminds us, what life has in store for the person who takes heed and acknowledges the powerful presence of God, by remaining still enough to hear the whisper of His voice. Tracy Forte’ gave birth to a masterpiece that creates an atmosphere for healing, restoration, abundance, prosperity and grace. If you seek it, “God’s Voice”, you will find the answers to life’s mysteries. There is more to follow from this musical genius. This is only a preview of coming attractions… So Get Ready!


Location: Charlotte, NC
Zipcode: 28217
Country: US


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