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Hi there folks. I love Jesus Christ with all my heart, and I love to sing the songs that Father God has given me.

I am a heavy duty mechanic, and I work for the City of Edmonton, in Alberta. I am so happily married to my best friend Pat.

I have been writing songs since Jesus grabbed a hold of my life in 1980. I love to minister to others with my music wherever I am invited.

May the Lord bless you as you listen to my songs.

Trev. :)

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Wood Work Angels

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Wood Work Angels
T. Roy Taylor
01/17/20 05:29:49PM @t-roy-taylor:

A song confirming the fact that God's angels are watching over

us. Upbeat song, a foot stomper that reminds me of a time

coming back from Kansas City, Mo. and my back left rear tire went flat.Tom

I was driving a clunker and when I went to get the jack out of the back 

to fix it - there was no jack. I started cussing' and a car pulls up

behind me. A man got out, smiled and asked if I needed help.

I said I didn't have a jack and he smiled and said, "I do, I'll fix it for you."

 He changed it and I thanked him. This was on a 2 lane freeway going South.

There was grass that separated the 2 lanes on the other side of the

Freeway going North. I walked to my car, got in and looked in my rear view 

mirror to wait for him to get on the freeway first. You know common courtesy.

He was gone. There were no cars on the other side of the freeway going North. 

No cars on my side of the freeway going South. An angel.

Trevor Toews
01/15/20 01:41:13PM @trevor-toews:

Good morning Roy. Thank you so much for the great news.

May the Lord richly bless you today. :)


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