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about me?!... I am NOTHING without Jesus!!!!!!! ::More About Me:: Christian Funk Maestro, Tyrone K Sullivan, a native of Jacksonville, FL. with over 20 yrs of professional experience in the music industry, makes a bold statement in the film industry with the introduction of “Funky Inspirational Film” (FIF) Muzik. FIF Muzik is a genre created by Tyrone K. Sullivan. It evolved out of a spirit-led desire to increase the presence of Christian and Inspirational music in the film industry. We Praise God that with the help of Rescue Records/5 Alarm Music, FIF Muzik has been used in films and TV shows featuring Hip-Hop legend and Actor "Common”, and multi-Grammy award winner, John Legend, Kanye West and many more. The Muzik Director’s music has also been used on ABC Family's "Everwood" on NBC’s "Life" and Emmy Award Winning “Friday Night Lights” and in all Regal Theaters WORLDWIDE and more. Inspired by his involvement in the direct development and building of WJNJ “Pure Radio” in Jacksonville, FL. fm103.7 and am1320 www.pureradiojax.org he launched…{{{WE FAMILY RADIO}}}, dedicated to spreading the Word of God and our Lord and savior Jesus Christ through sound biblical teachings and musical content. Tyrone K. Sullivan, as the Founder/Director of WFMG, is also in the process of expanding We Family Media Group to become a Worldwide multi-media non-profit Christian outreach to continue to spread the Word of God and our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ throughout the world. We give God ALL of the Praise and Glory because without Him none of this would be possible. WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE INDIE GOSPEL ARTIST.COM Please join us in our mission to spread the Word of God through music to the masses by becoming a friend or joining us here on Indie Gospel Artist.com . YOU ARE LOVED SO VERY MUCH! Visit us anytime at: ↓


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By: Tyrone K. Sullivan
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{{{We Family Radio}}}
is dedicated to spreading the Word of God and our Lord and savior Jesus Christ through sound biblical teachings and musical content.

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