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"Ulysses Brown is Anointed and Chosen by GOD. Reaching and inspiring his listeners throughout the world. Ulysses is considered to be one of the most innovative and diverse artists in Gospel music. Ulysses personal conviction and faith shine most during live performances, which makes his music and ministry unforgettable." Ulysses leads worship for churches, conferences, and programs all over the United States, leading people across the nation into the very presence of God. He has reached a widespread and multicutural assembly of people through worship, whether ten or ten thousand, his heart for worship remains the same. Part of his call and goal is to equip and release a greater understanding of worship worldwide. Ulysses heart is to bring simplicity back to worship. He has no intention of becoming famous; he just wants people to see God through his music. Ulysses makes a point to never entertain those that join in worship with him. Ulysses prayer is that every worship event, each individual is able to enter into a new place with God and that in that place they will find a joy that is unspeakable, as well as safeness that nothin here on earth could ever give them. I have witnessed the Holy Spirit fill a room with its anointing power when Ulysses leads in worship. The anointing has been so awesome that the person schedule to preach has opted not to. "Words cannot describe the anointing that God has on his life", said nationally renowed inspirational speaker Ed Gray. Ulysses has traveled with Ed extensively providing praise and worship for Gray's prayer and meditation workshops. I Believe we have been Created to Worship God - Isaiah 43:7 Chosen to Worship God - 1Peter 2:9 Called to Worship God - Psalm 95:6 Commanded to Worship God - Revelation 14:6,7


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