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FireLight is a seven member praise and worship band of believers.  We have a southern rock flavor but also love to play a more conventional sound at times.

We serve as the praise and worship team at our local church Great Harvest in Pocahontas, Arkansas.  We enjoy going to different churches and events to share our gift of praise and help at various fund raisers.  Michael Snow has written and composed most of the songs that we share on this site.  We hope you'll enjoy each song as it ministers the life of Jesus to you. Please be blessed.  


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New songs

By Vickey Snow, 2013-12-28

Hey ya'll I just added 3 songs to our page. you'll have to go check them out! We're excited because we're just now figuring out how to do all this stuff! Hope they are a blessing to you. Bring the Rain is by one of our favorite artists, Mercy Me. Gods Not Dead is by another favorite The Newsboys. We are really excited to be able to share one of the songs my husband, Mike wrote, He'll Never Let You Down. They all mean so much to me. Have a blessed day!

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Kingdom come, My kingdom, the hour is drawing near
Let every one obey these words who has an ear to hear.

Let the kingdom come from deep within and let Me rule your heart
And purge your life from everything that's been keeping us apart.

Let the Earth hear my voice, the time to decide is here.
To decide to live as a soldier, to decide not to live in fear.

The sheep shall divide from the goats, the chaff shall be blown from the wheat.
My people shall arise and become a strength, they will never give place to defeat.

They will walk in unified faith, in power that shall conquer all
They will lay their lives on the line, but they shall not faint and they shall not fall.

My name shall be their name, they will walk behind the veil
The world shall know them by their love, and that love shall shall never fail.

You are my own righteousness, and all that I possess has been given to you to equip you
to conquer, nothing less!
Go forth, be bold and be strong! Don't let anything distract!

The crown of glory awaits you, so come on, get in, get in!
The Word, My Word is the key, get it inside your heart,
For the seed that you plant will become a tree bearing fruit that you soon will harvest.

Oh, spirit of man rise up, let me live big inside
When you walk down the street, the sick will recover and the dead shall rise!

I am a wall of fire, an all-consuming flame
that surrounds and hides you in waves of power
That is rooted in the name above all names.

I am the Ancient of Days, a Righteous Branch, and a Resting Place
The Hope of Israel, The Everlasting God!

Let no man think me weak, I am able to perform what I say
And all that I've declared will come to pass in the last detail.

My will shall be done on Earth through the Sons of God,
who walk in faith and in power and in love.

You are the Sons of God!
Author Unknown
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Mikes surgery

By Vickey Snow, 2014-01-19
Ok y'all mikes surgery is scheduled for this Tuesday at 0800. If all goes well he'll get to come home that same day, no driving for 4 weeks, no lifting over 10 lbs for 6 weeks. Turns out he has a ruptured disk and the doctor says he will go in and remove the "gunk." Thank you all so much for continued prayer. Our God is soooooo good!
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By Vickey Snow, 2014-02-22
Hey y'all FireLight will be playing at the Power Of Freedom March 7th. This is a drug and alcohol rehab for men in Warm Springs, AR. A love offering will be taken at the door and will be given to this ministry. Please pray for the Spirit of The Lord to move mightily and touch the hurting hearts of these men. Thanks and god bless ya!
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Extreme Tour

By Vickey Snow, 2014-04-03

Hey ya'll! FireLight has been invited to the Extreme Tour conference in Nashville in May to see if we might be a good fit for the tour. We have sent our unpolished demo CD with the songs written by my husband Mike Snow and performed by our band FireLight. the 3 songs are: He'll Never Let You Down which aired on our very first Indie Gospel live radio call in show in March, Holy, and The Great I Am. Please drop by and take a listen to these songs.  Please also pray with us. We're excited just to be invited. The Lord knows if He wants us to do the tour and share His encouraging word in this way or not at this time. We trust Him and simply want His will for our lives. Thanks and have a great night!

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Free song downloads!

By Vickey Snow, 2014-05-10
Hey y'all, FireLight is giving away three original song downloads today and tomorrow from our website@ . Please enjoy and may our Lord be magnified!
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