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I'm a believer and what is referred as born again believer in the Jewish biblical Jesus Christ as described and written about in the inspired written word of God being the bible. I have written some gospel songs and other songs in various categories of music and I play guitar, piano, and other instruments and sing praise songs unto the lord. I honour the lord in various ways.

24 Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. (What so many refuse/fail to do). Matthew 16:24 KJV

You know the lord Jesus Christ said when you give let not your right hand know what your left hand is doing. There are many ways to give. Announce it not as you may lose your reward. Just give. Give to those who really need it directly if you can. Support those REALLY doing the work of God/Jesus Christ and preaching the gospel. Beware of prosperity preachers preaching a luke wam gospel which is no gospel at all. You can give in many ways.

I'm Praising the lord in song and worship. Jesus Christ died and paid the price for your sins in full. You were purchased with a great price and are not your own. We can ignore that fact or accept it.If anyone’s name was not found written in the lambs book of life he was thrown into the lake of fire.” (Revelation 20:15). WAKE UP!

The gentile believers mostly know the Savior of the world as Jesus Christ known as (Imanuel - God is with us) (Yeshua to the Jewish believers/people as written in the Hebrew Bible). As I say I wrote some songs praising the lord. They are around and some have been heard in the past. Sometimes I praise the lord Jesus on guitar or piano. Hope you can have a listen. Read the bible for yourselves and get to know the inspired, written word of God. 

When I found out who Christ was not as I was deceived than I came to know him and who he was/is. It was his going and not just my questions. I became a seeker for answers and I prayed and turned to the written word of God which directly my path. He is the way, the truth and the life. He is real and risen and his gospel is true. The lord Jesus Christ came to seek and save the lost including me. He said my sheep hear my voice and they obey/listen to me. When you read the gospel and realize that so many people's lives were changed from this one man and you truly believe with your heart as you confess with your mouth you come to discover that the son of the living God is real and there is no one like him. Again he is the Christ/Messiah/Anointed One and the Savior of the world. Don't be deceived. God is real and man is deceived greatly.

Musically speaking since being a child I had a passion and perhaps a gift for music. I love to create and write songs. I had/have a gift in sports and music. This includes playing musical instruments. Along the way I improved as I play guitar and wrote my own songs but was ignorant to the gospel. If I had not been I would had focused more on gospel music. The gospel tells us not to condemn and people do this. Use righteous judgment. The words we speak even in songs will matter. Repentance for sin matters greatly. If I have any such thing as talent it is because God gives us gifts. Many people use those gifts to worship the world and find favour with the world. A friend of the world makes themselves the enemy of God. Very true. Narrow is the way that leads to salvation. A little leaven leavens the whole lump. You can lose your soul if you hate/reject the biblical truth/Christ and follow the wicked ways of the world. But isn't God a God of love? Does a wicked evil/fallen and sinful world really follow the God/Christ of the bible. Most No! It self worships it's self and even darkness. Get Saved. Christ was mocked, rejected and hated and he is the rejected cornerstone. Even by his very own. Yet! How many people are deceived? Even the elect would be as written. The lord Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world! There is no salvation in any other! Let me make it clear to YOU hell is real! What will it profit you to gain the world and lose your souls? Wake up!! Get saved.

Tillie Waal "The Prayer," by David Foster

Tillie Waal "The Prayer," by David Foster
Duration: 00:04:02
Easter Sunday - Unity of South Sound 4-21-19
Wayne Sanelli
05/18/19 10:28:27PM @wayne-sanelli:

Tillie has being given a wonderful gift by God and she uses it to serve the lord. God loves her. This prayer sung by Tillie is sung with grace and it is heart felt. Such a wicked world we live in and one man paid the price in Full. Yes he was Jewish and he is the greatest man that EVER walked the face of the earth. The grave could not hold him and nothing under the sun can separate us from the love of Christ. Christ set in motion the restoration of that relationship with God & Man. The devils time is limited. The unsaved WILL parish unless they turn to the God of the bible . Praise his holy name. There is NO NAME given unto man to be saved but that of Jesus Christ. (Yeshua). Jewish people YOU have a savior. Time to KNOW HIM .

Tillie knocked it out of the field with a home run in this WOW performance. It's like she was playing to a large crowd but she was singing for the lord Jesus Christ and her Christian friends. God hates pride but " some " people have special gifts and may Gods WILL be done.


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