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I am a believer of the biblical Lord Jewish born none pagan Jesus Christ otherwise born as Yeshua. I am what is referred as a born again believer Christian in messiah. The Jesus Christ as described and written about in the inspired and written word of God being the bible.

I honour & worship the lord hopefully in spirit and in truth. “24 Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.” 
Matthew 16:24 KJV (What so many refuse/fail to do). 

You know the lord said when you give let not your right hand know what your left hand is doing. There are many ways to give. Announce it not as you may lose your reward. Just give. Give to those who really need it directly if you can. Support those whom are "really" doing the work of God/Jesus Christ and preaching the gospel. My thought is beware of prosperity preachers preaching a different gospel.

If anyone’s name was not found written in the lamb’s book of life he was thrown into the lake of fire.” (Revelation 20:15). WAKE UP!

Read the bible for yourselves and get to know the inspired, written word of God. Get yourselves saved.

Like other people I came to know Christ when I found out whom Christ was not as I was mostly deceived. I came to know him and who he truly is? I have experienced his love and transformation. It was his doing, and by his grace. 

I became a seeker for answers and I prayed and know others did so for me as well. I turned to the written word of God which directed my path. Christ is the way, the truth and the life. 

Musically speaking since being a child I had a passion and "perhaps" a gift for music.


Pray for them

Pray for them
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People search for God. Some have been dealt a bad hand. Christ said we have prayer but not to pray with too many words or we will not be heard. The truth gospel wise will never change as he never changes yesterday, tomorrow and forever as it is written. But Satin attempts to change Gods laws and counterfeits everything. Seek God from the King James Bible. Praise his holy name.
There are people hungry and sick and oppressed. Pray in these end days. Repent and turn to the God of the bible.

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Wayne Sanelli
05/07/20 11:03:03PM @wayne-sanelli:


         This song came from a live session and yes pray for the broken, sick, homeless, rejected, persecuted, hated, sinners, those whom persecute you and others. Pray for the president, Prime Minister and world leaders. Pray for doctors and lawyers and all sinners.

Be a doer of the word of God. Many are called and FEW are chosen. I wonder why? You know I've known people whom closed the door in my face when preached too. One day when they are in trouble or sick and need God they will cry out and he will not hear them. They may become angry at God and think "Where is God?". He is where you left him when you shut the door in his face and told him to get lost. You may have cared more for the fifthly sinful defiled entertainment of the sinful world than God. Including deception. God is not mocked. 

It is true you have to pray for people. But as I reiterated to someone recently that you have to be a doer of the word of God. You can preach to somebody for 10 years and they still may be deceived. It is written that people cannot come to Christ unless he draws them. But people can call out and cry out and repent. They can read the gospel. If you worked for two different employers and both had a complicated situation and handled it different the outcome might be vastly different. I’ve seen this play out in real life and what a difference. If you have what is referred to as a bad boss look out. Ever hear that saying the employees are our success. Those true Christians who are true members of the body of Christ are the Lord’s success. People want healing and they want to be fed and they want material possessions but many don’t want to follow the Lord in spirit and in truth. They just want to be filled with worldliness. The Bible says you reap what you sow. You can’t take things with you and many people have an abundance of things but they are not on the way to heaven but rather on the way to hell. You know Jesus said what reward have you if you’re only love those who treat you good.

In the lifetime and ministry of the biblical Lord Jesus Christ he taught many valuable lessons. In fact they are priceless. You know it is written in the book of James first of all that you can’t be-friend the world without becoming Gods enemy and also that faith without works is dead. 

Now let me give you an example when God brought the plagues on Egypt even if one of them started to believe in the true none pagan God and wished the plaques to go away that was God’s judgement. As Jesus said sin leads to death. So you could want healing but God just may have sent his judgement onto the world. You may cry for healing but God may just have sent his judgement onto the world. When Jesus fed the multitude he knew that there were people that just wanted to be filled but weren’t interested in true repentance let alone salvation. He never told the rich young ruler what he wanted to hear but he told him what he didn’t want to hear. This is why the word of God says God is no respect of persons. The Pharisees expected praise of men but they were told they are devils and have dead men’s bones. Jesus called them whitewashed tombs. That’s pretty serious. As Christ said on the day of judgement it will be more tolerable for Sodom & Gomorra than some people. So you got to be a doer of the word of God as well. Yes you have to forgive but you should live your life submitted to the gospel and obey the lamb.


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