Wayne Sanelli

Roundtable Discussion with Phil Johnson and Jim Osman

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Duration: 01:28:45
Jim Osman and Phil Johnson join Justin Peters for a roundtable discussion on the Prophetic Standard Statement, Modern Prophets, How God Speaks/Doesn't Speak, God Doesn't Whisper, and more.
Wayne Sanelli
05/22/21 02:49:48AM @wayne-sanelli:

            Seen some of it. Interesting but what is to be suspected/expected in a deceptive world of money hungry manipulators. Or people Who have reasoned and accepted that false calling. God’s Word says such become unprofitable and in essence even fools. Pray for them always.

People suffer, follow the world and when everything falls apart they turn to the word of faith prosperity preachers who tickle their ears and serve John 2:16 then in time they are turned into deceived idol worshippers. Shame

Maybe in some aspects such people may not “always” be wrong. Be humble.. remember there is only “1” mediator between God and man. That is Jesus otherwise born a Jew with the name Yeshua - God is with us. 


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