Will is a family man married 28 years to his beautiful wife Darlene, living in southern VA where he leads worship with four handsome boys including their special-needs child adopted from Haiti. He fronted a Contemporary Christian group for several years traveling regionally. A studio owner, Will writes, records, and produces music for himself and other artists, and had over 50 indie cuts in Christian and Country music. Following a break from music to focus on his relationship with God and family, the fire returned after a friend asked Will to join him in starting a Christian Country band, and that inspired Will to write again emphasizing positive messages, God, and family. He’s recording his first Inspirational Country CD of all original music including “Live Simply” and “Ain’t No Whiskey Worth That” available soon, with renewed desire to spread the message hope in Christ, minister, and perform. Will can be reached at 434-250-8921 or at willgunnell@gmail.com.


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Live Simply

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genre: Inspirational Country
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Live Simply 


Verse 1:

The plain and simple life's for me

Guess that's how I'll always be

Coffee with cream and sugar

Can't depend or trust computers

Cold milk with a PBJ

Resting on a Sunday 

Supper ‘round the table with my family

I live simply



Where right is right and wrong is wrong

Everyone (black and white, the whole world) can get along

Without their feelings getting hurt

A good night’s sleep, a hard day’s work

Glass of sweet tea over ice

Ain't tied to my mobile device

Don't need to have it all to have plenty

Just live simply


Verse 2:

Look at my tomatoes grow

Watch the Andy Griffith show

Make time to enjoy life

Hug my children, kiss my wife

Take ‘em fishing at the lake

Slow dancing to George Strait 

Always hold her tight and love her gently

Live simply


(repeat chorus)



Anyone can complicate it

It's as easy as you make it

Just remember family, God, and country


Verse 3:

Gentle word of peace and love

How the father up above

Gave his son ‘cause he loves us so

That's all we really need to know

Choose everlasting life

Do your best to live right

Amazing grace that saved a wretch like me

Live simply



So give a smile and always be friendly

Live simply

Live Simply


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