Will is a family man married 28 years to his beautiful wife Darlene, living in southern VA where he leads worship with four handsome boys including their special-needs child adopted from Haiti. He fronted a Contemporary Christian group for several years traveling regionally. A studio owner, Will writes, records, and produces music for himself and other artists, and had over 50 indie cuts in Christian and Country music. Following a break from music to focus on his relationship with God and family, the fire returned after a friend asked Will to join him in starting a Christian Country band, and that inspired Will to write again emphasizing positive messages, God, and family. He’s recording his first Inspirational Country CD of all original music including “Live Simply” and “Ain’t No Whiskey Worth That” available soon, with renewed desire to spread the message hope in Christ, minister, and perform. Will can be reached at 434-250-8921 or at willgunnell@gmail.com.


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Ain't No Whiskey Worth That

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Ain't No Whiskey Worth That


It started off so innocent

One beer between two friends

From a case my daddy bought

Hoping we won't get caught


Soon the beer was not enough

Moved on to the harder stuff

Didn’t know that it could lead

From a wanting to a need



And I couldn't hold a job

And I couldn't stop



I was losing everything

My car, my home, my wedding ring

What meant most to me in life

I gave up a to sacrifice

I couldn't see what I had done

What started out as just for fun

Got so out of control

The devil tried to take my soul

Beyond the point of never turning back

There ain't no whiskey worth that



I was bulletproof and 10 feet tall

Heart pumped pure alcohol

I drank the best, it brought out my worst

I'd fight, fall, crawl, and curse


Abusive to my wife and kids

So ashamed of what I did

Knowing if I couldn't quit

Death would be the end of it



And my family don't deserve this

Man it just ain't worth it



I knelt down on the floor

Lord I can't do this no more

I've got nothing left to lose

It's time I turn to you


Ch 2:

I'm not losing anything

My car, my home, my wedding ring

What means the most to me in life

I won’t give to sacrifice

Now I see what I have done

I wasn't fooling anyone

God you have control

The devil cannot take my soul

Beyond the point of never turning back

I laid it down and I'm not going back

Ain't no whiskey worth that

Ain't No Whiskey Worth That


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