I Am Back After Several Months Away

Zack Martin
Zack Martin
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Because I am in a Nursing Home in Dothan, Alabama, I have been unable to get on the network here. I'm in Wesley Place on Honeysuckle Nursing Home in Dothan, Alabama. I came here August 15th, 2015 after much prayer and searching. I was unable to care for myself at home because I couldn't get a bath by myself or even completely dress myself so I had to seek a facility to help me. After much prayer and searching I came to the conclusion that this was the best place for me because God instilled in me that this was going to be a new ministry for me. After only two weeks here I began preaching and have been doing that every week since coming in here. I am a licensed and ordained minister of 40 years full time service and Wesley Place is a faith based Nursing Home run by the United Methodist Church, so they encourage faith based programs and ideas. I started by having church every Sunday, and then was given the privilege of being in charge of our Wednesday Morning Worship Service where different preachers come each week to speak to us. We have a beautiful Chapel here and it is the perfect place to conduct a weekly Sunday Morning Worship Service.

Anyway the Internet Service that the Nursing Home here furnished us residents went down and was off for several months so that I couldn't get on the network here. I had a phone, but it wasn't economically feasible to use. But they got the wyfy network back up this past week-end and I am able to once again return to Indie Gospel Network. I am so happy about this. I am planning to share some of the things I am doing here with you.

Of course I enlist your prayers for us here and know that prayer really works. I thank you for them as I know that you will pray for us.

Rev. Zack Martin Sr.

In His Name,
Rev. Zack martin Sr.

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