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Palmyre Seraphin - You better know what time it is (Official Music Video)

album: God On My Side
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Devine Jamz Gospel Network - General Manager (Brenda)
09/21/18 08:44:32PM @devine-jamz:

Directed and edited by Ray Oster with Devine Jamz Gospel Network , the music video " You better know what time it is " is based on a true story written, recorded and performed by Palmyre Seraphin . Like many people, Palmyre had to experience what it means to be broken. She put all her faith into her self and none into Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, there are many people living their life like Palmyre once did. We owe it to God to make a change! Today, Palmyre is a living witness and uses her song “You better know what time it is” and the story behind the music to encourage people to build a relationship with Jesus Christ now! View Palmyre Seraphin full story at Devine Jamz Gospel Network.


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