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Christian Rapper DaeShawn Forrest Is Living A Life-Long Process Serving God

By Devine Jamz Gospel Network - General Manager (Brenda), 2019-01-31

Living For God - DaeShawn Forrest  

Living For God is A Life-Long Process


DaeShawn Forrest from Antioch, California is a young Christian Hip Hop Recording Artist who is constantly being taught living a life for God is truly a lifelong process. At the young age of 19, DaeShawn tries to maintain a lifestyle using biblical principles. Occasionally God had to remind DaeShawn to stay on course as a result of his poor decision making. Through the newly released album “State of Mind” DaeShawn recorded the song titled “Automatic” which reflects his journey and the life-long process ahead of him.

Living For God Mean Building A Relationship

It’s strange to think about how someone like DaeShawn who has been raised in the church, whose childhood has been filled with teachings of the gospel, and accepted Christ at the age of 12 found himself in a place where he doubted God. He never questioned his existence, but he did second guess, and even at one point didn’t believe in the path God kept tugging him to follow. Instead of listening to God to step out on faith and record Christian music DaeShawn found himself in a mindset where he didn’t believe God would use his music for His purpose. DaeShawn had doubt because his relationship with God was weak.

Living For God Mean Eliminating Doubt

Since DaeShawn had not built enough faith to eliminate his doubts, it was easy for the devil to convince him that God would never use him. DaeShawn had the notion that he was inexperienced and to young for God to use his music for His glory. Perhaps DaeShawn was thinking if he does not make it to the big stage it must mean that God has not chosen him to be a Christian Rapper. Be that as it may, DaeShawn realized that he would never know how God will use his music until he steps out on faith and do what is in his heart. DaeShawn had to build his faith and guard himself from the negative chatter in his mind.

Living For God is Casting Away Lust

DaeShwan struggled over the years with lust. From what he can remember it started when he was about 10 years old when he suddenly got this random thought to search up pornographic pictures on his old PSP. He would wait until everyone gets in the bed so he could quietly hop on the computer to watch porn videos and clear the search history so he wouldn’t get caught. It wasn’t until he was almost 13 that he had finally chosen to stop because of how it affected his thinking and the conviction of God telling him to do better. DaeShwan gave it up and didn’t look back. However, he found himself dealing with more lustful temptations as he went through high school and different relationships. He never went as far as to fornicate, but on a few occasions, he did cross the line and had to repent. DaeShawn says he has gotten better fighting temptations through prayer, fasting, and reading God’s word concerning his behavior. He does better when he draws closer to the Holy Spirit. He uses his past mistakes as a mental landmark where he will never return.

Living For God is Dealing With Anger

The hardest thing DaeShawn had to deal with is his anger. People that know him best can relate. Over the years DaeShawn done well with controlling his emotions and channeling his anger through exercises and working out. DaeShawn learned that his weakness is recognizing when he is holding anger inside. This type of anger is not the usual “I’m ticked off and ready to fight” kind of anger, but the anger that comes from being hurt because someone did him wrong. At his worst, DaeShwan had hatred towards a couple people, but it wasn’t until he was in a prayer line one revival day and the evangelist was prophesying and told him to let go of all his anger. After giving it some thought, DaeShawn realized that he had been holding on to that anger for a couple years, and it was time to move on. He prayed asking God to help him release the anger and felt a relief instantly. It’s very rare that situations occur that cause him to hold on to anger. Nonetheless, DaeShawn still pray to God for strength to handle things the right way whenever undesirable issues occur.

Living For God Eventually Become Easier

Living for God became easier when DaeShwan made it a habit not to stress too much on the things that are out of his control. He began to do what God had put on his heart and gave the rest of his concerns to Christ. The song “Automatic” is just one of his tracks that represents how good and relaxing it feels to cast his concerns at Christ’s feet. The more DaeShawn relied on God, the better he felt. This song has been extremely encouraging for DaeShwan. Today, DaeShawn is more confident to minster the Gospel through his music and continue to live out his life long process serving God.

DaeShawn On The Web

Record Label



Palmyre Seraphin Goes Behind The Music "You better know what time it is"

By Devine Jamz Gospel Network - General Manager (Brenda), 2018-09-11


Singer Songwriter Palmyre Boldly Sing The Truth

Singer Songwriter Palmyre is not the average Gospel Recording Artist. She has a gift to sing in 3 different languages. She is known to the Haitian community for her album success and publicity. In Haiti, she’s known for her performance and Revelation of The Year award. Her second album was a highly anticipated Gospel project that was nominated for Best Album, Best Song, and Best Duo Collaboration. The interest and blessings from her Haitian music fans give rise to extend her inspirational compositions to the Christian/Gospel community in America. Palmyre’s 1st release to her target audience in America is “You better know what time it is”. It’s a bold song she wrote and recorded to speak the Gospel truth. She shares why she put God 1st and how she neglected to do so for many years. You will learn about Palmyre faults, success, and best tips for using time wisely.



Unpleasant Experience Birthed A New Song

The death of a friend’s mother hit home for multi-talented Singer Songwriter Palmyre! Her death was so sudden and unpleasant that when Palmyre saw her lying in the casket she went to the bathroom and thought it could have been her own mother in that casket. Just a few years before the funeral, Palmyre’s dad had a heart attack right before her eyes. He survived but Palmyre started having anxiety attacks because she was worried about losing her loved ones. She lived in constant fear. She didn't listen to the phone ring without thinking it was someone calling to tell her a death occurred in the family. On many days Palmyre lost sleep over it. So it’s easy to understand what she was going through at the funeral. Death is real and one way or another just like her friend Palmyre will have to deal with it.

Collecting Thoughts For A Composition

Singer Songwriter PalmyreWhile at the funeral, somehow Singer Songwriter Palmyre used her creative thinking and decided to use her experience for a musical testimony. Palmyre’s song would be the result of all things working together for her good and those who love God and called to His purpose (Romans 8:28). Her story had to be told and “You better know what time it is” became her new project and the first song of her collection in English. Palmyre decided she would provide a new targeted audience with her best tips that will help them understand the importance of knowing God before making plans in life. Using her Singer Songwriting skills and the revelation she was experiencing her project would be an upbeat inspirational sound.

Catching The Ear Of The Listener

While Palmyre was in the bathroom at the funeral, she kept repeating to herself "You better know what time it is" because there is no exact time for death. She knew that creating a hook in a song is by using a short riff, passage, or phrase that is used to "catch the ear of the listener". So she used what she kept repeating as her hook. It was perfect because you are never too young or too old to die. That is one thing that man cannot control. Not only it can occur at any moment, but will you be ready to meet the creator is the question Palmyre wondered? In the coming days, her question would be a reality sooner than she expected.

Make Plans With Guidance

The best tip Singer Songwriter Palmyre offer here is “prepare your self in advance”. That means growing in the Spirit. Had Palmyre done this before going to the funeral it might have prepared her to take on the fear that caused her to break down. She was affected following the funeral as well. One day Palmyre thought she was having a heart attack while driving. She remembers calling her mom and telling her what clothes to put on her if she would die. A few weeks later the same symptoms of having a heart attack kept reoccurring and lasted months until she had a diagnosis. The results revealed that Palmyre was having a panic attack and anxiety attack. She never heard of such things before. It dawned on her if she had died she would have probably not made it to heaven. Palmyre was not spiritually prepared.

God Will Humble You

Singer Songwriter Palmyre SeraphinAlthough Palmyre is a Singer Songwriter who called her self a Christian all her life, she has not always lived like one. She grew up going to church but she lived her life clueless. Palmyre woke up every morning for years, jumping in and out of her bed without dedicating the day to God. Without a thought Palmyre left her house without praying, ate without praying, made plans without praying, yet she called her self a Christian. Apparently, Palmyre thought she was in control and felt no harm would come to her. She had no fear until she got sick. The sickness humbled her, to say the least. As she sat on her bed fearing for her life, Palmyre finished writing the song as if it was her last words.

Time Doesn't Belong To You

A voice kept reminding her that her time is not her own. Death can come right where we are sitting and we need to be ready to meet the Lord. It wasn't long ago Palmyre only thought was about earthly satisfactions. She always ran after her next goal, fulfilled her next ambition, achieved her next dream, fulfilled her passion while forgetting that she also need to make time to prepare for heaven. She loved routines and could not stand anything that was unpredictable. In most cases, it became a problem when anything got in her way. Palmyre's best tip for those who live that way is that "God is a jealous God" (Exodus 20:5). He is ultimately in charge of the plans we make so please be sure to put Him first.

People Relate To Experiences

"You better know what time it is" is a song to remind people that heaven is around the corner and it's real. As a Singer Songwriter and Christian, Palmyre would like to hear more ministers speak about heaven. David E. Maxwell, a Minister of Music and a Music Reviewer provided such content. In his music review published on Truli, The Faith and Family Entertainment Network he provides descriptive insight to Palmyre's experience. Unfortunately, many ministers only focus on how we can overcome tough situations. That’s great but what about preparing for heaven? Palmyre met people who claim to be a Christian and think that heaven is not real. They think that it is just an embellished story. This is not acceptable to Palmyre. “The whole point of Jesus death is the promise of heaven”.

Growing The Relationship

With her new release song, Palmyre has a great chance of sharing her information with those interested in rhythmic upbeat music. “You better know what time it is” is a song that will encourage people to get their act together before it’s too late. Until Palmyre got sick, she never knew the beautiful feeling of longing for God. Palmyre now wants to spend time with Him. In fact, Palmyre needs to spend time with God in prayer and reading her bible on a daily basis. In her past she never felt the need to.

A Living Witness

Like many, Palmyre had to experience what it means to be broken. She put all her faith into her self and none into Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, there are many Christians living their life like Palmyre once did. We owe it to God to make a change! We cannot call ourselves a Christian and not look towards heaven on a regular basis. Today Palmyre is a living witness and uses her song “You better know what time it is” and the story behind the music as a tool to help more people get saved and born again!

Official Music Video


How To Receive New Release

"You better know what time it is" is available to download at CDbaby. Other tracks from the album will be announced at a later date through Devine Jamz Gospel Network. For more information please contact our promotion team ( and a representative will assist you.    

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Digital Release And Promotion Strategies

By Devine Jamz Gospel Network - General Manager (Brenda), 2018-06-05

Devine Jamz Gospel Network teamed up with promoters at Linkedin Learning and made it even better for artists to learn how to advance in the music industry.

Music Promotion Strategies.jpg
In this course we’ll talk about getting your tracks ready for mastering, dealing with third party contractors such as mastering engineers and graphic designers. We’ll talk about online distribution, and things like publishing and ISRC codes.We’ll talk about targeting your audience and working with the press in order to get the best possible promotion going. We’ll talk about writing press releases, setting up free downloads, and we’ll even touch on some social media strategies to get the most out of your relationship with your fans. So don’t go anywhere because these are the tricks of the trade. This is a revolution in learning. The evolution of you! CHECK IT OUT AT:

Rika - Rai New Single "Blazin" Is Painfully Relatable, Soul-Stirring, And Speak Directly To The Heart

By Devine Jamz Gospel Network - General Manager (Brenda), 2017-03-28
Rika - Rai New Single Blazin

About Singer – Songwriter Rika - Rai

Smooth, Soulful, and in your face is how you'd describe Rika - Rai’s warm blazing voice that weaves emotion with purpose into melodic strands of songs. Rika-Rai is originally from Los Angeles and currently live in San Diego. She was influenced by many different artists and emerged her own style of singing professionally during her high school years. Rika-Rai gives way to the honest and passionate sentiment of every song she sings.

Professional Performances, Venues, And Collaborations

Singing is Rika-Rai's first love, and she has performed in venues such as Spreckles Theater in San Diego, The Lyceum Theater in San Diego (Venues section), and House of Blues Los Angeles. She has opened for countless shows and acts including comedians Steve Harvey and Bruce Bruce, BET Gospel Jam, and Bobby Jones Gospel Explosion. Rika-Rai collaborated with artists such as Dyan Cannon, Barry Manilow, LaCarol and The Emotions.

This fountain of talent has also starred in various musicals and plays. Rika-Rai has demonstrated her tremendous gifts in dance and acting on stage bringing new life to such classic characters as Rizzo in Grease, Lorrel Robinson in Dream Girls, and Armelia in Ain’t Misbehavin’. Rika-Rai has also graced the television airwaves. She was a semi-Finalist on Fox’s “3 Minutes of Stardom”.

Effective And Inspiring Teacher

Rika-Rai has been composing for most of her life. She enjoys writing in all genres; Gospel, RnB, Reggae, and whatever else might come into her head. An effective and inspiring teacher, Rika-Rai has also directed choirs for more than ten years and has the profound ability to communicate musical concepts and instructions clearly. She is a highly talented professional singer with extensive experience in music production, composing and arranging music.

Inside Rika - Rai’s New Project “Blazin”

“Blazin” is a song that’s relatable, soul-stirring, and speak directly to the heart. The words are real and a result of Rika – Rai’s past feelings of hopelessness. In 2013 she lost her mom to cancer, and in 2014 Rika – Rai lost her father. Needless to say, this left her broken to the point that she never wanted to sing again. But glory to God she was reminded of her calling, and Blazin’ was birthed. The song is dedicated to her parents because they were her biggest supporters. Today Rika-Rai continues to gain strength by telling her story.

Blazin’ is about returning to God in a way that is so intimate, that it requires transparency. You're left crying out and feeling vulnerable, but on FIRE all at the same time.

“Blazin” is an introduction of who Rika-Rai is and where she is going. It has reggae vibes with heavenly harmonies that will have you dancing and uplifted in no time.

With every song Rika-Rai sing, she is reminded to stand in her truth, to be transparent, and testify of the goodness of God who has restored her. Get "Blazin" from iTunes now and listen to the song in its entirety! You will be inspired as we are at Devine Jamz Gospel Network!

Rika-Rai On The Web

Official Website





Light The Night By All The Astronauts - Album Review

By Devine Jamz Gospel Network - General Manager (Brenda), 2017-01-26

By David E. Maxwell

Christian Music Examiner

CEO of D.E.M. Beats Production  




Light The Night By All The AstronautsAs I listened to the music of “All The Astronauts” (ATA), I felt as though I was taking a journey with this astronomical group to a special place of praise and worship. I love the way each song builds upon one another. The lyrics of each song really tells a story that many can relate to. It inspired, encouraged and brought comfort as I listen to the way they flow one after another.

The music is alive, energetic and grabs your attention. This album is full of emotion from the first song intro to the last song. If I had to pick a favorite it would be a difficult task because they are all so meaningful. Nonetheless, I would say track #5, “Come As You Are”. It's a cover from The David Crowder Band. It tells a story of the need for hope and restoration amid sorrow and despair. There are so many who may want to come but allow their condition and situation to prevent them. This song takes away those barriers.

The album sounds like it’s a live performance, thus give you a truly unique worship experience. Not often does a band come along that have this level of anointing in their music. This is the type of music you can pop in your cd player and set on repeat to listen to over and over again.

All The Astronauts truly lives up to their name! They take you on a journey out of this world and ushers you in the presence of God!




It's a phrase that All The Astronauts throw around a lot with their Foo Fighters, U2, Angels & Airwaves rock/alt modern worship style. Throw in some modernized hymns and you’re getting close to hitting the mark of describing what you’ll hear.

All The Astronauts - Light The Night

All The Astronauts (ATA) have been playing together for the better part of a decade as part of the worship ministry at Crosspoint Church in Fishers, IN, but it wasn’t until worship pastor/lead vocalist and guitarist PJ Towle started crowd funding a recording project in the summer of 2016 that the band took on the official form of ATA. Fueled by a deep passion for the church and connecting with people that don’t connect with Church as it’s been known, ATA’s sound grew organically as Towle introduced songs to the church. “I started writing these songs working through my own baggage with my faith,” says Towle. “Over the years these guys joined the band at Crosspoint and things just clicked. They all had the same drive that I did: to do what God wanted them to do with their music.”

After a successful, crowdfunding campaign the recording process began to show signs of larger aspirations for everyone involved. Towle explains, “I never wanted to be seen as a solo act so I had this ‘band name’ lined up to keep the focus off me (I’m just a guy who wears a lot of flannel). But as the recording process went on, it was pretty clear that everyone bought into the vision of what this thing was all about.” And, thus, the official All The Astronauts was born.



Official Website  




Read A Sample Content Marketing Article That Promote An Artist New Single!

By Devine Jamz Gospel Network - General Manager (Brenda), 2016-01-23

All too quickly the word of God for many Christians get crowded out by the worries of their life, the lure of wealth, and the desire for other things that produce no fruit (Mark 4:19). It’s something that happens according to scripture and the guilty feeling does not sit well. Some might think it’s only the obvious sinful Christian that lose focus of Christ. But think about this! Have you ever lost a parent, child, spouse or love one? At the time did you ask why would God allow something so devastating to occur? Is it fair to say you lost trust? For some, they experienced related tragic circumstances and separated themselves from Christ because of the hurt and pain! It’s not always intentional, but for those of us that live in the real world, sometimes it’s very difficult to dedicate our lives to Christianity without error!

What Does Dedicate Mean To You?

Amazon Featured Single DedicateA great Contemporary Gospel song to listen to that best reflects the meaning of this concept is an Amazon Featured Single by Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers. The song is called “Dedicate” and it’s brilliantly composed and written. The amazing vocals of the singer put listeners in a trance with the somber outcry to the Lord. She expresses how it seems so long since she last talked to God. She admits that the worries and the cares of this world has choked and taken her very breath away. Intentional or not she lost her focus on the word of God. However, there are many things we can do as Christians to decrease our chances from being distracted.

Petition For Help

Amazon Featured Single DedicateFirst, we must truly offer our body as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God (Ro 12:1). That is a Christian true and proper worship to practice consistently! Be encouraged! God knows our heart and the truthfulness of it. Pretty much as the vocalist that sing "Dedicate” made her outcry to the Lord for help, you can do the same to get back aligned to the word of God. Request that God bring you close to Him and give you the fire and power to dedicate your life. Keep up your relationship by investing more time with Jesus through prayer. Constant prayer is our high speed connection to Christ. The lack of praying would put you right back on dial up connection, which we know can take forever before a message is delivered.

Some Reasons We Fall Short

Amazon Featured Single DedicateOf course, we may sometimes fall short in the mist of our walk with Christ in one way or another. Most believers, if transparent and real, would admit that there are times when we lose focus in our relationship with God. It could be times we cease to pray faithfully and fervently. Times we don’t read the word of God consistently. Times we fail to serve others, evangelize, and obey the will of God like we should. In certain cases, some believers find themselves in a state where they backslide and lose focus completely.

I once worked with a good buddy and we often chat when we were off duty. But when my friend transferred to another division, we lost touch. I hadn’t heard from my friend in months. When my good buddy called from an anonymous number to see how things were going, I had no clue who he was and did not recognize his voice.

The same can be said about our relationship with Christ. You may not discern when he is reaching out to you if you don’t stay in a close relationship. Don’t imitate the behaviors and traditions of this world. Dedicate yourself to God and cast all your cares and worries unto the Lord. He will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken. (Psalm 55:22)

Publishing By Brother Ray

Creating A Musical Brand

By Devine Jamz Gospel Network - General Manager (Brenda), 2015-03-31

Creating your brand

The essence of creating a musical branding! The idea is to be so consistent with the quality and presentation of your performance that it will cause fans and consumers to trust that your project is well worth the purchase! Promoting your online content to fans should produce the same quality affect as your offline event.


So lets discuss some of the key areas where you need to get started building your brand online. If you are like us at Devine Jamz Gospel Network, it will be a continuous endeavor that you will want to work on till the end of time! We should all be willing to learn new ideas and ways to perfect our calling!


Brand Logo

1. Creating a logo that corresponds to your service, product, or story behind the brand:


A. Make a list of metaphors visually and in text!


B. Go through magazines and cut out images that you think are similar of what you are thinking of.


C. Start sketching and see what symbols that you come up with over and over again.


D. You can give what you come up with to a designer to use as the root for your logo image.


2. Important tactics:


A. Test your service or product


At Devine Jamz Gospel Network we use an Internet Sales tactic, which is incorporated with one of our paid promotions that many marketers has been successful with for decades.


B. Make sure your product looks good


If you’re an artist, then you are the product and service that needs to be marketed. That means you should not be using substandard images of your self for a press release or publicity platform. Invest in professional photos of your self because your image can determine if you will be taken seriously.


C. Target your niche


This might require that you receive professional help if you are not familiar with using paid marketing tools by Facebook Ad Campaign, Google Adwords, Twitter Ad Service, YouTube Video Marketing, or Bing. You need to know how to find the people in your audience that likes your style of music and purchase music online. These are the individuals that you should be spending the most time with online. Having a contact list with 5,000 friends and none of them or very few of them purchased your songs means something is wrong with the way you obtained the people on your list.


D. Online videos – A leading tool used to affect your pitch! When used the correct way, we have found it to be very successful speaking to your fans. It will help you get closer to your audience and build a rapport.


E. Responding to social networks – You must find a way to communicate to your audience. Your fans want to build a relationship with you. They require a deeper purpose for buying your music. At Devine Jamz Gospel Network we have a way that artists can communicate with fans individually and personally in an automated and systematic way. We help free up your time so that you can focus on other areas where your attention is demanded.


F. Determine which social media to use for a specific demographic


These are some key principles that will help your brand and eventually build your fan base. Through diligence and patience you will see the rewards for being consistent and providing quality service and/or products!


For more training on this subject a great online course can be seen on the video!




Brother Ray


Gospel Music PR Blog

Devine Jamz Gospel Network

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Christmas in July - Alpha and Omega Christian Songwriters of Seattle

By Devine Jamz Gospel Network - General Manager (Brenda), 2015-03-23
Alpha and Omega Christian Songwriters of Seattle Proudly Presents: "Christmas in July"


Why July?


If you follow yearly event calendars for artists, you will notice that their managers actively search for new Christmas songs generally from May to August. But the optimal month for this search is July, and the music industry has officially named "Christmas in July" as their yearly event for finding these new songs for Christmas albums, which are published and into the hands of consumers by mid-to-end-of October.


AOCS is ready: we have the most astounding, never-heard-before collection of Christmas praise and worship songs, all written by up-and-coming rising and professional songwriters.


We will be presenting our collection of new Christmas praise and worship songs to artists, worship leaders, and industry professionals at our 3rd quarter Praise Night that we also call "Christmas in July".


Since Christmas is the time for surprises, we will have plenty! Be prepared for amazing, heartwarming songs, surprise guests, 'warm fuzzies', Christmas goodies, "Behind the Song" stories and the best new Christmas songs in the Northwest!


The date of our event is Saturday, July 18, the place is Seattle, Washington, and the time will be from 4pm to 6pm. As usual, this event is free and open to the public.


You can read more about us on our blog:


Hear samples of our work at:


Merry Christmas!




Wear your scarf and mittens!


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