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'Baba You Too Much’ By UG Frank Gushes Over The Goodness Of God

By Devine Jamz Gospel Network , 2019-11-12
'Baba You Too Much’ By UG Frank Gushes Over The Goodness Of God


Osarugue Egbon, better known as UG FRANK, is an undeniably blessed gospel artist, and fun fashionista from Benin City, Nigeria. Her single ‘ Baba You Too Much ’ gushes over the goodness of God. The song comes from her new 5-track set of world-class calming music, “ Surrounded .” The album was released October 22, 2019, and is available to stream now.  

UG FRANK , a master’s degree recipient, gave her life over to Christ in 2013, and has since served as worship leader at St. Josephs Chosen Church International, and Winners Chapel International Surrey. UG FRANK aims to transform the lives of God’s people through ministry, praise, & worship. With the release of “Surrounded,” she is more than happy to bless the souls of others. Moreover, God definitely works in mysterious ways. We are all gardeners in God’s garden, meant to manifest & maintain its glory. And in UG FRANK’s case, it was in an encounter with the Lord, that she received the call of duty- to create healing songs of, and for the spirit.

With that said, I’m going to tell you more about what makes this album so affective, and why a deep connection with God is even more.

30 Minutes of Tranquility

Though I like albums that carry a longer running time, there’s simply something special about “Surrounded.” The musical production on this album is versatile with blending genres such as gospel and jazz. Track one, the title track, oozes traditional gospel vibes with its repetitive, relieving lyrics. UG FRANK’s heartwarming vocals on this eight-minute song commands peace, acknowledging the powerful presence of God. It really encourages one to be still, and know that I Am.

Track two, ‘ Shekinnah Glory ,’ celebrates the holiness of God. The song sings “you are holy, holy, holy...” so passionately, and prayerfully. So, I sing along. ‘Shekinnah Glory,’ lyrically reminiscent of Micah Stampley’s ‘ He Loves Me ,’ and Mali Music’s ‘ The Glory of the Lamb ,’ truly affirms the goodness & purposefulness of God. Press play, and feel God’s covering increase. The upbeat melody is indicative of gratitude, and such gratitude carries over to the next track, ‘ Lost in Your Love .’ This song is lush, and it says the Lord’s presence is so warm and wonderful. UG FRANK croons of God’s kindness, and greatness, being all over her.

Which brings me to my favorite on “Surrounded,” the final track ‘ Baba You Too Much ,’ a stunning song about being overcome with the blessings of God, like music by Christine Storm . This song is filled with inspirational lyrics like “Everything I do is blessed. Everywhere I go is blessed.” It’s so beautifully clear, that when we believe, and tell ourselves this on a regular basis, we can’t help but to experience elation.

What Would Jesus Do?

Much like UG FRANK, in good times and bad times, she praises the Lord and all His goodness. She knows, already, what God is capable of. She knows that her life has meaning, and despite any adversity, she must continue on living, like Christ. This new album “Surrounded” is perfectly titled, for God is surrounding me as I dance with joy and appreciation.

Highly Recommended....

We all have precious gifts that make this world a better place. Some teachers, some preachers, some doctors, some cleaners. We’re all witnesses to God’s mighty plan to save souls.

So, of course I’m highly recommending you listen to “ Surrounded ,” and specifically, ‘ Baba You Too Much .’ Be inspired to run this race. Constantly  seek the Lord, and watch his blessing reign down.

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“Declare His Glory” by Brother H-963 is a Remarkable Album To Download

Meet Brother H-963

Brother H-963 is a gospel artist, and worship leader. He released “ Declare His Glory ,” a set of seven spiritual songs, in September 2019. This album has the creative use of key Bible verses.

In addition to his love for Christ, he has sizable love for his wife, and three children. Brother H-963 got his name back in college. Because he used the word Hallelujah so much, his friends started calling him Brother Hallelujah — hence Brother H-963.

Furthermore, the 963 in his name comes from the digits on the side of his keyboard. Brother H-963, being a fan of the Bible, checked out all verses with the numbers 963. As a result, he found Psalms 96:3 is the only part of scriptural text with those numbers, and that is where the album’s concept came from.

Now that you understand how he got his name, and song, let me tell you more about the “Declare His Glory” album, and three of its standout songs.

Creative Lyrical Content Homages God’s Word

With all those subtle strings, and light drums, this music feels inviting, tropical, and warm. The title track, ‘ Declare His Glory ,’ uses biblical lyrics from verses 3-5 of Psalms 96, rendering a remarkable rhyme: Declare His Glory / Among the nations / His wonders / Among all peoples.

The lyrical content of the song is reminiscent of Christine Storm’s ‘Blessed,’ and ‘Blessed & Highly Favored’ by The Clark Sisters. These songs have in common the beautiful declaration of God’s glory.

There’s another song from “Declare His Glory” that stands out, for its reflective & reverential lyrics, is ‘ Run-924 .’ The song is about Brother H-963’s attention on spreading the gospel through music. The more he focused on his artistry, the easier it got to create. The song mentions 1 Corinthians 9:24-27, reminding us to keep steadfast in our life’s journey.

The lyrical content of ‘Run-924’ clears anxiety, and motivates forward movement like Marvin Sapp’s ‘If You Just Believe,’ The Addison Singers’ ‘I’m Only On A Journey,’ and Tamela Mann’s ‘All to Thee.’ What I appreciate most about ‘Run-924’ is that the subtle guitar strumming paired with those verve vocals sound like a race being run with grace.

Not to leave out the brilliance of ‘ Romans8Love ,’ track three. The Song rings out in a timeless tune recognizing God’s gift to us— Life. It affirms the freedom and fullness we have in Christ. With the breath of God in our lungs each day, we know we’re more than conquerors. We know we don’t have to grow weary. It’s clear that Brother H-963 wanted to share God’s assuring peace with us. He tells us that God’s love always provides, and it never fails. All we have to do is know it, right here and right now.

Highly Recommended...

I am highly recommending you stream the creative, cultural “ Declare His Glory .” This album educates listeners on key Bible versus, appreciates the love & law of God, and inspires right thinking. It tells us that one day we’re going to our heavenly home; but first, we must live right.

And, profoundly, “Declare His Glory” is a remarkable route map.






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There’s just something about Praise & Worship that simply sets me in forward motion, after experiencing turbulence in life. “I’m Calling on You,” by  Patrick Foreman & Family  is an album that reminds you of the grace of God, encouraging deeper connection ( Taylor Valery ) .


Foreman is a clever creator. How? Well, his moniker is all-inclusive. It’s recognizing that its not all about his experiences, but about everyone’s experiences in this world – it’s about Family. About kind community, and collective faith, rebuking any devil in our way. His name is a subtle reminder that all we need is each other to effect positive change in the world.


As a music writer, I’m always seeking new artists to cover. When I received Patrick Foreman & Family’s new album, “I’m Calling on You,” I was immediately impressed by the dedication to God heard in each track.

The album itself is eclectic, including vocals from various artists. When you listen, you’ll hear features from Eric Armstead, Tawan Gray, Richard Davis, David Scott, India Woolfolk, and more. This set has eight songs, excluding two bonus tracks; two are my favorite from the album. I’m going to tell you why ‘ I’m Calling on You ’ ft. Eric Armstead, and ‘ He’s Able ’ ft. David Scott are so effective.


Patrick Foreman & Family’s “I’m Calling on You” has that even energy praise, similar to James Fortune & FIYA’s “Live Through It,” and it has such pure worship, like Micah Stampley’s “Release Me – EP.”

I Need You, I Love You, and I’m Calling on You

What I love most about the title track’s bonus version is that it opens with a profound prayer by Eric Armstead, reminiscent of Grammy-winning music by Kirk Franklin. Song spends a minute on verse one, then seamlessly goes in to the B-section with soothing choral backing vocals, which furthered Foreman into a purposeful praise. Listening to this track gives me a heavenly vibe; so, I sit back and take a deep breath, thanking God for his grace and guidance.

I appreciate songs like ‘I’m Calling on You (Bonus Track)’ ft. Eric Armstead, because they never fail to get my attention completely on God. Song sends me to seek the presence of God, our heavenly home, that quieter consciousness. Having been diagnosed with Epilepsy, I tend to cling to music that helps  calm my mind . I constantly seek peace, and that peace is in God.

Remember, He’s Able

Not contrarily, there’s another song on “I’m Calling On You” that sets me free: ‘ He’s Able ’ ft. David Scott. There’s just something about Scott’s vocal performance that screams gratefulness. He paces the song slowly, acknowledging God in  all   his victory.

Song hits gracefully, like ‘In the Midst of it All’ by Yolanda Adams. And, it’s message of giving your battles over to God reminds me of ‘Encourage Yourself,’ by Donald Lawrence & The Tri-City Singers, and ‘Struggle Not,’ by LeAndria Johnson. I love music that inspires me into action, attention, and appreciation. Music that manages to shift my mindset is a blessing straight from God.

Patrick Foreman & Family was successful in those sending positive vibes with new set “I’m Calling on You,” especially with the song ‘I’m Calling on You' and (Bonus Track) ‘He’s Able.’ The latter song could easily be a companion for Erica Campbell’s stirring new single ‘Praying and Believing,’ which also encourages purposeful prayer.


I’m Calling on You ” is highly recommended! At this point, I should tell you the standout tracks ‘ I’m Calling on You ,’ and ‘ He’s Able ’ are great for gospel playlists. I’ve already added them to my  SoulGood: INSPIRE playlist . What playlist are you adding them to?

I told y’all, there’s just something about  Praise & Worship  that simply sets me in forward motion. And, this new music from Patrick Foreman & Family hits the spot. I’m talking, when I’m feeling disconnected & discouraged, ‘He’s Able’ reminds me of God’s desire to see us happy (Taylor Valery).


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An accomplished artist from Nevada, Storm sends us healing vibes with the new single ' I hear You ,' taken from her spiritual album "7." This meditative music provokes deeper thinking, inspires prayer, and encourages appreciation for the struggle.


What Storm has lived through makes her musical testimony so sweet like honey. Sure, she's performed around the world , and she's achieved a Billboard-charting single , but she's also a human who's been affected deeply by something. And she wants to share how confident conversations with God unleashed inside of her a certain strength to keep on keeping on, even when life's storms just wouldn't let up.

This blog is about the why 'I hear You' is so important to Christine Storm, and even more, why it's important for music lovers to go stream the song now & later.

Did you know? Many Christians believe suffering is a normality in this world.

Like many of us, Christine Storm has experienced emotional pain and adversity which caused her to call on God's grace & mercy. She's suffered losses in both her personal, and professional life, but due to her faith and integrity, she hasn’t let any of those serve as setbacks.

The minute I decided to start believing in Christ, the testing began. It was like God was saying “let’s see if there is any faith to go with your belief.” In a four year span I was blacklisted from my career for not sleeping with an agent. I was ousted from my family. My biggest fan - my Mother, died...."

What would you do if your biggest fan - your mother, died? Would you continue on in the hopes to make her smile from above? Would you allow yourself to wither in emotion. With more troubles towering like burying a best friend, Storm could've stewed in feelings of uselessness, but she didn't succumb. She instead overcame with proclamation of firm faith. That small, big decision to faith, ushered Storm onto the path of devotion, surely rewarding her lessons learned.

While on the floor in total turmoil one very dark night, I looked up and yelled, “I love you anyway, is that what you want to hear?” It was! Suddenly the gloom and tears lifted, and I truly felt God! Not long after that and trying to walk the walk a little better every day, God started blessing me: first my best friend & Husband John, then more inspiration than I could possibly manage!

As a Christian, or rather any being, overcoming loss offers great experience for the next phases of life. Storm released 'I hear You' as praise to God's acknowledgement of us when we pray purposefully.

Choose Faith

I've lost opportunities and people in my life as well. In retrospect, I know I lost those particulars because God was making room for greater achievement in my life. At the time, I didn't want consider my actions being the cause of any of my losses. But today, with a closer connection to God, I can see where I went wrong in certain scenarios. Now, I take charge of the life I was blessed with. Now, I take seriously the connection I have with the creator. That's exactly what Storm shared with 'I hear You,' the fantastic feeling one gets when calling on the Lord.

'I hear You' is closely comparable to 'Keep Your Head Up' by Rico Dawson; both are contemporary Christian songs that inspire strong faith in difficult times. In today's hungry society, it's important to share positivity and optimism about life and the journey of.

Highly Recommended...

'I hear You' is incredibly important to stream, because it encourages firm faith during challenging times. Storm's creative expression paired with the song's live instrumentation help illustrate the present moment you experience with our God during prayer. Song invites us to dance in celebration of God's undeniable recognition of us as His own.

These lingering lyrics are in the first 18 seconds: I started talking to God, and He started talking back / And then I heard Him say, I'll make up for all you lack....

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About The Editing Writer

Taylor Valery is a Freelance Writer and Music Reviewer with Devine Jamz Gospel Network . Valery is also a member of IAPWE – International Association of Professional Writers & Editors. He created HomageCollage to help celebrate the wins of affective artists .

Sadly, Andrew Farstar New Release Single 'Day By Day' Is Personal

By Devine Jamz Gospel Network , 2019-07-09

Christians all over the world will recognize this hymn. This is one of the most beloved hymns in the world. This hymn was written by Carolina Sandell, who was shaken by the drowning death of her father but through it all, keeping the faith in The Lord, the Giver of Peace and Mercy.

I can relate to this hymn so much as I also lost my father from a terrible illness quite several years ago. With my own life’s journey, the message of this hymn touches me profoundly. Telling me to trust God, who is kind beyond all measure; he will provide strength through our trials on earth. By trusting in Him, we should not worry or fear. Pain and pleasure take their turn in our lives, but we won’t be separated from His love. We can also cast our cares to our Father in heaven, who will help His children to get through it all, as He has promised us in the Scripture. He will always be there to show us the way. Giving us peace and rest.

When I have heard this hymn many times, I often felt that this hymn could be interpreted in a modern Pop style. I have imagined the sound that would be wonderful for this hymn. So, I worked with some of the most talented musicians from all over the world to produce the sound of “ Day By Day ”, which you now can hear.

I especially love the haunting string orchestration in the background that gives nuances and elegance to this piece. The addition of synthesizer sound also adds the modern touch to this classic piece. I also deliberately just used the chorus from the first verse, as I feel this part carries the strongest message of the song and I just repeated it, as if it is the main chorus of a modern song. I also love the lovely choir in the background emphasizing the message of the hymn. I hope listeners will like and enjoy my approach and interpretation of this classic piece.

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Distance By DaeShawn Forrest

600x352fountainpenonwriter_fyBnkOPO.jpg Meet DaeShawn Forrest, an emerging Christian emcee from Antioch, California. With his latest release “ State of Mind ,” he effortlessly expresses his gratitude for God’s favor. Though only aged 19, Forrest has survived many storms to be able to stand on such an uplifting platform today. His hearing for God’s word grew stronger as he pulled away from situations that didn’t serve his greater call.

Did you know that reconnecting with God isn’t something to be ashamed of? Well, this is certainly true for Forrest in the creation of ‘ Distance ,’ ft. fellow Californian gospel artist Ms. KJ’nae. He let me know:

“Initially, it felt like I was in an odd space because I began to have this feeling that I was empty spiritually. I had never felt that way before, so I knew it was God from the start. It wasn’t until a few days later that I had went to God in prayer to address the situation. In so many words, the Lord told me that he wanted to use me, but there was a lot of work that needed to be on myself first. However, for Him to be able to work on me, I had to distance myself from the things and people that had my attention. Not distance myself so far to where I become isolated, but to give myself the necessary space needed so I can be able to hear God when he speaks.”

You see, when you press play on ‘Distance,’ song opens with faint keys very reminiscent of the above mentioned. At 0:22 seconds, it’s met with a calm & collected beat, and a meditative flow. Forrest raps about how distancing himself from negativity drew him closer to God. It’s never easy to quit any habit, but it surely is easy to start a new one. Jesus became a great habit for Forrest again, and it’s clear with ‘Distance,’ you must make yourself available to be used for the greater.

It’s a blessing for everyone, that Forrest decided to  kill the noise  and take seriously his faith walk. He released “State of Mind,” a powerful LP of Christian hip-hop that celebrates the reconnection with, and reliance on God. So, if you’re into positivity, prosperity, and passion, then music by DaeShawn Forrest is for you.

His music is definitely for me; as not a new believer, but reconnector. I’m slowly approaching thirty years old, and I’m not ashamed to admit that my attention has been so fragmented for the past six years. During and after college, I focused on intimate love and relationships, steady chasing external validation versus my God in me. Much like Forrest, I felt depressed and angry, but I kept dreaming. I still heard a voice in the daytime, and at night. And, that voice was a heavenly reminder of my goal in life – to be happy. At the time, what made me happy was the co-dependent relationships I believed I needed for support at the time. I was too afraid to chase my dream of being a happy writer. To me, although I had a college degree, I still needed experience in order to be taken seriously as a  writer . No one was taking me seriously at home, Jesus later revealed that was because I wasn’t taking it seriously.

Well, in a fight with my partner at the time, I was staying with my mother for a few weeks. Mom insisted I meditate to keep from having an epileptic fit; so, I did in my way- Deepak Chopra, The Clark Sisters, and Cognitive Transformations on Apple Music. At the time, in my heart there was this constant aching. In my mind,  there were so many different paths being revealed like a map. So, for answers I began praying and I mean praying like God is right here in front of me. We started having conversations regularly. His responses to me came overtime, but as I sought, He brought. When it comes to ‘Distance,’ the same is true for Forrest, too:

“Jesus revealed a lot to me about how I oftentimes stand in the way of my own growth causing me to have to mature a bit. When creating the song, it felt necessary to highlight the things that led to me distancing myself because I was in that space for a while. It also shows how important it is to keep an ear out for God especially since we want him to always keep His ear out for us.”

DaeShawn isn’t wrong either. This resonates with me so profoundly because I obviously stood in my own way for quite some time. My awareness was low, my attention was in pieces, my emotions were eggshells, and my faith was nonexistent. I was dead spirit, not a living one. So, for my dreams to come true, I had to believe in myself again. I had to forgive myself for sin. And, I had to come to Jesus.

DaeShawn’s ‘Distance’ demonstrates just how faith walking isn’t easy, but it is rewarding.


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Review Written By Taylor Valery

Taylor Valery is a Freelance Writer and Music Reviewer. He is the creator of   HomageCollage   which is a music appreciation blog created to celebrate the wins of affective artists. Homage2Heat is the new HomageCollage vertical that highlights heatseekers.

Christian Hip Hop Artist Beyond His Youthful Age Goes Behind The Song 'Distance'

Behind His Song 'Distance' - One important lesson learned by 19-year-old Christian Hip Hop Artist DaeShawn Forest is that when he needs something from the Lord or needs to hear from the Lord, he must distance himself. That is, distance in the manner of allowing God to speak to him without being distracted. Some say going to your prayer closet; some say meditating; others say disengaging from the world temporarily. DaeShawn simply distance himself so that there is no interference with the relationship he has with God. He positions himself where he can clearly receive God's word.

Details Behind The Song 'Distance'

Among many lessons learned from Elders and testimonies at church, Christian Rapper DaeShawn Forrest was told that when he feels God tugging on his heart, it is wise to get in a position where he can clearly listen. “There was a time where I began to feel like something was wrong”, DaeShawn stated. Out of nowhere, I began to feel spiritually empty. It felt like God was trying to tell me something, he explained. “That feeling of discomfort lasted a couple days before I finally decided to go to God in prayer and figure out what was going on”.

“I remember God letting me know that there was work for me to do and that he wanted to use me. However, I would have to distance myself from the things and friends that I love so God could work on me”. Initially, it was tough for DaeShawn to distance himself, he informed. It was upsetting because he felt like he was by himself. When his friends would go out and socialize, DaeShawn stayed home reading and praying. Although he was aware that spending time with God is far more important than anything else, as a young adult in his teens he couldn’t ignore the fact he was missing out on social activity with his friends.

Behind The Song Distance

Be that as it may, God showed DaeShawn his mistakes and how they impacted his overall judgement. Thankfully, those moments of self-examination gave DaeShawn the opportunity to better himself.  He would later use what he learned for God’s glory. Looking back, DaeShawn realized that being obedient and distancing himself from the distractions was the best decision he ever made. It matured him spiritually! He also moved past the previous pain and disappointments he held on for so long. You can say that DaeShawn got rid of his heavy load while distancing himself. Rather than letting emotions fester and grow bigger, DaeShawn can easily forgive and he's slower with getting angry.  God pushed DaeShawn in the direction he purposed him to be at. DaeShawn had to look at himself in the mirror and examine what was staring back at him. He found out that it was his own doing which prevented him from rising. “I was waiting on God to change my ways and didn’t realized God was waiting on me” explained DaeShawn. It was a hard pill to swallow, but I thank God for giving me the experience of being in the desert 40 days and 40 nights sort of speak. It only caused me to do better in every area of my life.

DaeShawn is thankful that God did what he did to grab his attention. It shows the unconditional love that he has for him. In this ongoing process, God continues to mold DaeShawn in comfortable ways and sometimes in uncomfortable ways. Although DaeShawn might have to distance himself, he is never alone. DaeShawn knows that Christ will never leave him nor forsake him. He discerns and understand that when God calls on him it might require his undivided attention to receive God's prophetic message and/or assignment.

Receive Music By DaeShawn Forrest

Download the song ‘ Distance ’ and/or the ‘ State Of Mind ’ Album by DaeShawn Forrest at:





Video Behind The Song 'Distance'

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Behind The Song 'Automatic'

Hymns & Inspiration By Andrew Farstar

Andrew Farstar, Pop & Smooth Jazz singer and songwriter, who is best known for his song “I Don’t Want to Lose Your Love” releases his new album “ Hymns & Inspiration ”.



So why a hymns album? Andrew want to connect with the Christian audience. As a Christian, he grew up with these songs. It’s just natural for him to explore this music and to interpret these classic numbers.

“I love the Old English words in hymns. They sound elegant and poetic to me. Some of these songs have also given me peace and comfort in difficult times and I hope these songs will also do the same for my listeners. Life can be painful and full of suffering, but let these songs remind us about God’s love and grace, which will guide us through it all” Andrew continues.

In this album, Farstar showcases his ability as a music producer , singer and songwriter. Singing from Pop to Classical style, his smooth voice flows quite naturally throughout the album, which also contains a few of his own compositions.

“I always put my heart and soul into my music projects” Farstar explains. “In this album I just felt the need to be in both Pop style and Classical style and I adjust the way I sing them according to the demands of the music” - Andrew Farstar

More than a year in the making, this album shines a fresh perspective with new interpretations of old favorites. Christian listeners will be quite familiar with some of the pieces in the album such as: “ It Is Well With My soul ”, “ Abide With Me ” and “ Leaning on the Everlasting Arms ”.

Win A Signed Copy Of Hymns & Inspiration CD

Andrew is giving away signed copies of “Hymns & Inspiration” CDs. Three winners will be randomly selected from the list of registered names. It’s very easy to enter the competition. You just need to fill out the form located on Andrew's official website (click on hyperlink for competition sign up form ) and you will be automatically entered. The latest registration date is July 31, 2019. The winners will be announced on Andrew's official website after July 31, 2019 (click hyperlink for winner information ).

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