Adela and Jude


Adela & Jude perform a unique brand of Americana music conveying words of faith.


Location: Arlington, MA
Zipcode: 02476
Country: US


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Ain't No Grave

album: In Loving Memory
genre: Americana Revival
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Ain't No Grave
T. Roy Taylor
04/02/21 05:35:12AM @t-roy-taylor:

"Ain't No Grave" by Adela and Jude - pulled out the nails on the coffin on this foot-stompin', hand-clappin' tune! We belong to Jesus and "Ain't No Grave - Gonna hold my body down"! Go to their page here and show them some brotherly love and support. Click on their "Follow" button, play their songs, request their songs here on Ken Rich's Indie Gospel Radio program and share their music with your friends. As of now, we can still choose to do this. But the forces of darkness are raging against God's Church and His saints, as we all saw this past year. ...Don't waste the time the Lord has allotted each one of us with "Things" that don't matter in God's Kingdom.


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