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Free Music Marketing Guide Most Would Not Give Away

By Devine Jamz Gospel Network , 2023-03-13
Free Music Marketing Guide Most Would Not Give Away

Devine Jamz Gospel Network FREE Music Marketing guide is great for recording artists who need guidance and education with marketing music. Receive our research, analysis, and recommendations to use with your customized game plan.

☑️ Get more with a scheduled Video Call where you will receive technical, administrative customized strategies and learn which tools and knowledge base techniques are available to effectively deliver your product(s) to a target audience.

☑️ Our Consultation focuses on direct-to-fan marketing strategies and continuing education obtained regularly.

☑️ We share an audio file, documents of value and content that has taken promoters and marketers training in music business, marketing, distribution, broadcasting, and/or experience from working in related industries.

☑️ And the best...

Thank you to our First Responders

By ptpgun, 2023-01-30
Thank you to our First Responders

One of the many great aspects about running this business is being able to give back to those that support our cause AND do some much in our community.

A large portion of those people are apart of the Emergency Services community- both Fire and EMS. Fire houses and rescue squads across Maryland have supported us in our mission of making Maryland a safer place to live and work, as that is their mission as well. Many of these members also spend their hard earned paychecks to obtain this training on their own. None of which goes unseen and is absolutely appreciated.


Today we were able to present a check to Leonardtown Volunteer Rescue Squad to show our appreciation for the organization- and we gave our nice PTP Tumblers to the individual members also to keep their coffee warm on duty and their drinks cold during their much deserved down times.


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Charles County moves to ban guns

By ptpgun, 2023-01-30
Charles County moves to ban guns

That's right, with the Supreme Court slapping down unconstitutional gun laws which opened up the opportunity for good law-abiding citizens to finally be able to defend themselves outside of the home- the county commissioners are seeking to ban firearms carried by law-abiding permit holders from carrying while on county property.


Yes, you read that right, the very same ones that are currently facing a potential lawsuit after one of the commissioners is documented as having discriminated against a county employee based on race- they are the ones that are bringing that same documented poor judgement to decide if only the criminals of the county will be carrying firearms on county property.



But not without a fight.

On Jan 11, 2023 (start time has not yet been publicly disclosed) they are scheduled for a public hearing during which we believe they may actually listen to public input.


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As plenty of online courses are available for you and make you gain more knowledge, you have to select one for your study. When you live in places full of crime and theft, your safety is more important.

To live a safe and secure life in those places, you must get valuable training by choosing the best   HQL Classes Lexington Park MD  that will be more useful for you. Different handgun courses are offered for you, and you can choose the course you need.

The experts and the professionals working in the best institution can help you offer the best training about the handgun, how to use it, load and unloading options in its features, the process of working, and some other important items inside the fun in a brief manner.

Keep reading this content to know why to study the HQL Classes in Lexington Park, MD, and gain more knowledge about handgun...

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What was the essential motive to have concealed carry?

You could have diverse threats; holding the Maryland Concealed Weapons might benefit you. With the right training, you could fast switch the gun to carry out to give pleasant benefits to humans. While you come to hold the gun from one vicinity to some other, you could, without difficulty, do it. Because the CCW allows it, it is more reliable. Having the gun with the proper  Maryland Concealed Weapons Permit  may not query your reason for holding the gun. Whenever there is, there's a hazard to asking a query, and you simply display the concealed convey lets in with no more hesitation. 


Keep reading the put-up; here are a few reasons to get concealed convey training. Let's see,


Diverse forms of motives to have Maryland Concealed Weapon 


There may be numerous reasons to get proper training for  ...

How to get the Multistate Concealed Carry Permit?

If you live in Maryland and want a licensed handgun with you, then you have to know how to handle and use the handgun. For the experts' comfort, the specialist offers an amazing gun training course that will be useful for them to get the certificate and license and protect their life. 

If you want to get the  Multi State Concealed Carry Permit , you must learn the gun training course in reputed institutions. Then they will offer you the certificate for the completion of your course. After that, you can get a permit to carry your weapon concealed in different states. 

Keep reading this content to learn how to Get a Multi State Concealed Carry Permit

Become a trained person:

When you choose this Maryland Gun Permit Training course, you will become a well-trained professional and can give training to the students who hire you. You can...

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Is there a benefit to ensuring the Concealed Carry Permit Training?

Of course, firearm utilization is multiplied with the purpose of precaution. The firearms are used for self-protection, and it will be remarkable to hold them after the training. That is why essential to remember the high-quality platform for  Maryland Concealed Carry Permit Training . With the aid of elegance, you may get the proper education, and after that, you supply sufficient expertise to attend to the firearm. After knowing the guidelines and guidelines of the firearm, you must use it. The right education will reduce risk and then keep away from several issues. 


Make sure to read the post and understand extra data approximately the license of the gun. 


Get the right and sufficient training about firearms


Similarly, you can

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Benefits of hiring the Maryland Gun Permit Training

If you are a person who is ready to purchase a handgun, then you must know about its features, benefits, uses, and also how to use the handgun in a critical situation.

You can understand everything about the handgun and its types, laws about the gun in Maryland, its ties features, work, loading and unloading it, and how to shoot the target easily and accurately using the best gun training.

It is also suitable for you to know about the Maryland Gun Permit Training, get the certificate, get the permit to have the gun with you, and then keep the gun with you safely.

Keep reading this content to learn about the benefits of choosing this Maryland Gun Permit Training for learning and gaining more knowledge.

Gather all the data about the handgun:

When you attend the Maryland Gun Permit Training, you will be able to gather a lot of information and details about the gun, their types and features, and the special things in them.


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The caldwells oldies rock group available for concerts.

The Caldwells are now available for rock concerts starting in feb 2023.

Pennsylvania, maryland,va,west va ohio,ny,florida.

Beatles, monkees, dave clark five, rolling stones,credence and lot more.

Fairs, festivals, private parties,weddings, birthday parties, openings.

steve 814-932-8393

low prices

paypal, checks ,cash

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Things to Look for in the Geneva Bible Facsimile Reproduction

In the history of Bible translations, the Geneva Bible occupies a special place. It preceded the KJV ( King James Version ) by 51 years. Considered the most influential Bible, which was also the primary Bible of 16th century Protestantism, the Geneva Bible found its users in Oliver Cromwell, William Shakespeare, John Bunyan, John Donne, and John Knox.

This was the first English Bible that had its scriptures segregated into numbered verses. Since its publication was an enormous achievement, owning the  1560 Geneva Bible  is worth every dime you spend to acquire it. But not everyone will find its steep price affordable.

For them, a facsimile reproduction of the Geneva Bible will be worth considering. This Bible was widely read throughout the 16th and 17th centuries...

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