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Camille Meskill's Miraculous Path to Musical Revelation

user image 2023-07-13
By: Devine Jamz Gospel Network
Posted in: Blog Contributor

Camille Meskill

Rediscovering Her Calling

In a remarkable tale of divine intervention, Camille Meskill releases her captivating single, " Come & See ," now available in all digital stores since June 30, 2023. Meskill's journey began in 2018 when she earnestly sought the Lord's will for her life, questioning the path she should take. Through prayer and introspection, she found herself revisiting her past, specifically her childhood days of singing in the church choir. Meskill had strayed from her faith during her college years, but she now realizes that God was always there, yearning to guide her back into His loving embrace.

Come & See - YouTube

Overcoming Obstacles with Unwavering Faith

Fast forward to the present, Meskill emerged from a toxic relationship, leaving behind everything—her home, job, and agent—and returned to her roots in Wales, United Kingdom. Though she had lost herself along the way, a chance encounter led to her involvement in a musical called Godspell, where someone from the show invited her to church nearly eight years ago. Initially hesitant, Meskill's heart was deeply moved when she heard the word of God, and she knew instinctively that she had come back home to where she truly belonged .

From "There are you still" to "Come & See"

In 2018, as Meskill sensed God calling her to sing, doubts plagued her. It had been so long, and she had never written a song before. Despite months of questioning, she ultimately surrendered and wholeheartedly embraced her divine purpose. However, shortly thereafter, she faced an unexpected health scare. Meskill found herself in the hospital with unexplained facial swelling, unaware that God had placed her exactly where she needed to be. Though medical tests couldn't discern the cause, a chance encounter with a doctor alerted her to a deeper issue: progressive thyroid cancer. Before surgery, the doctor cautioned that removing her entire thyroid could affect her speaking voice and potentially her singing as well.

Undeterred, Meskill clung to unwavering faith, even while in isolation for treatment. It was during this time that she began pouring her heart into songwriting. In 2019, her first song, " Strength Inside ," was released, a testament to her resilience and trust in the Lord.

"Come & See": A Testimony of God's Deliverance

Meskill's journey since returning to the Lord has been marked by battles and trials. However, she has come to understand that the attacks from the enemy are to be expected. Battling against forces beyond the physical realm, she has grown in discernment and witnessed God's hand deliver her from countless adversaries. Meskill has experienced God's hand moving her from one place to another, both physically and spiritually. Through these experiences, her faith has deepened, and her spirit has been strengthened, which she eloquently captures in her latest release, "Come & See."

Camille Meskill - Come & See

Finding Purpose in Christian Creativity

Originally titled "There are you still," Meskill eventually changed the song's name to "Come & See." Her arduous journey, characterized by climbing, falling, and fighting, has only been possible through the strength bestowed upon her by God. Each battle has served to test her faith, ultimately weaning her away from worldly pursuits and revealing the depths of her own heart.

About The Artist Camille Meskill

While Meskill's background lies in film, TV, and theatre, she has ventured into various realms of Christian creativity. In 2019, she began exploring songwriting and reignited her passion for singing. With over 15 years of experience as a certified personal trainer and fitness coach, Meskill also finds joy in helping others find balance in their lives through exercise, nutrition, and a wholesome lifestyle. Recently, she launched " She's Different ," a faith and fitness brand aimed at empowering women.

Glorifying God in all her endeavors brings Meskill immense happiness, and she hopes her work can touch and uplift many lives. Her inspiring journey of restoration and unwavering faith stands as a testament to the transformative power of God's love and grace.

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