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Free Music Marketing Guide Most Would Not Give Away

By Devine Jamz Gospel Network , 2023-03-13
Free Music Marketing Guide Most Would Not Give Away

Devine Jamz Gospel Network FREE Music Marketing guide is great for recording artists who need guidance and education with marketing music. Receive our research, analysis, and recommendations to use with your customized game plan.

☑️ Get more with a scheduled Video Call where you will receive technical, administrative customized strategies and learn which tools and knowledge base techniques are available to effectively deliver your product(s) to a target audience.

☑️ Our Consultation focuses on direct-to-fan marketing strategies and continuing education obtained regularly.

☑️ We share an audio file, documents of value and content that has taken promoters and marketers training in music business, marketing, distribution, broadcasting, and/or experience from working in related industries.

☑️ And the best...

Collaborating With Spiritual Connected Promoters

By Devine Jamz Gospel Network , 2022-08-01
Collaborating With Spiritual Connected Promoters

Spiritual Connected Promoters

Collaborating with a team who is enthusiastic about a project as much as you are ignite fire and productivity. Even more, when collaborating with spiritual connected promoters and you know God has called you to partner with one another, the motivation for success intensify. An idea Christian promoter will seek artists who can discern a divine partnership with them. That's a spiritual connection worth waiting for. As eager as it may be to release a new project, it may not be in the best interest to do so if the team do not connect to the project spiritually and with passion. Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.

'Baba You Too Much’ By UG Frank Gushes Over The Goodness Of God

By Devine Jamz Gospel Network , 2019-11-12
'Baba You Too Much’ By UG Frank Gushes Over The Goodness Of God


Osarugue Egbon, better known as UG FRANK, is an undeniably blessed gospel artist, and fun fashionista from Benin City, Nigeria. Her single ‘ Baba You Too Much ’ gushes over the goodness of God. The song comes from her new 5-track set of world-class calming music, “ Surrounded .” The album was released October 22, 2019, and is available to stream now.  

UG FRANK , a master’s degree recipient, gave her life over to Christ in 2013, and has since served as worship leader at St. Josephs...

“Declare His Glory” by Brother H-963 is a Remarkable Album To Download

Meet Brother H-963

Brother H-963 is a gospel artist, and worship leader. He released “ Declare His Glory ,” a set of seven spiritual songs, in September 2019. This album has the creative use of key Bible verses.

In addition to his love for Christ, he has sizable love for his wife, and three children. Brother H-963 got his name back in college. Because he used the word Hallelujah so much, his friends started calling him Brother Hallelujah — hence Brother H-963.

Furthermore, the 963 in his name comes from the digits on the side of his...
Billboard Charting Artist Christine Storm Released The Project 'I Hear You' And The Devastating Story Behind The Song


An accomplished artist from Nevada, Storm sends us healing vibes with the new single ' I hear You ,' taken from her spiritual album "7." This meditative music provokes deeper thinking, inspires prayer, and encourages appreciation for the struggle.


What Storm has lived through makes her musical testimony so sweet like honey. Sure, she's

Sadly, Andrew Farstar New Release Single 'Day By Day' Is Personal

By Devine Jamz Gospel Network , 2019-07-09
Sadly, Andrew Farstar New Release Single 'Day By Day' Is Personal

Christians all over the world will recognize this hymn. This is one of the most beloved hymns in the world. This hymn was written by Carolina Sandell, who was shaken by the drowning death of her father but through it all, keeping the faith in The Lord, the Giver of Peace and Mercy.

I can relate to this hymn so much as I also lost my father from a terrible illness quite several years ago. With my own life’s journey, the message of this hymn touches me profoundly. Telling me to trust God, who is kind beyond all measure; he will provide...
Music Review - 'Distance' - A Song Recorded And Written By DaeShawn Forrest

Distance By DaeShawn Forrest

600x352fountainpenonwriter_fyBnkOPO.jpg Meet DaeShawn Forrest, an emerging Christian emcee from Antioch, California. With his latest release “ State of Mind ,” he effortlessly expresses his gratitude for God’s favor. Though only aged 19, Forrest has survived many storms to be able to stand on such an uplifting platform today. His hearing for God’s word grew stronger as he pulled away from situations that didn’t serve his greater call.

Did you know that reconnecting with God isn’t something to be ashamed of? Well, this is certainly true for Forrest in the creation of ‘ Distance ,’ ft. fellow Californian gospel artist Ms. KJ’nae. He...

Christian Hip Hop Artist Beyond His Youthful Age Goes Behind The Song 'Distance'

Behind His Song 'Distance' - One important lesson learned by 19-year-old Christian Hip Hop Artist DaeShawn Forest is that when he needs something from the Lord or needs to hear from the Lord, he must distance himself. That is, distance in the manner of allowing God to speak to him without being distracted. Some say going to your prayer closet; some say meditating; others say disengaging from the world temporarily. DaeShawn simply distance himself so that there is no interference with the relationship he has with God. He positions himself where he can clearly receive God's word.

Details Behind The Song 'Distance'

Among many lessons learned from Elders and...

Andrew Farstar, A Legally Blind Recording Artist Released His Album Hymns & Inspiration

Hymns & Inspiration By Andrew Farstar

Andrew Farstar, Pop & Smooth Jazz singer and songwriter, who is best known for his song “I Don’t Want to Lose Your Love” releases his new album “ Hymns & Inspiration ”.



So why a hymns album? Andrew want to connect with the Christian audience. As a Christian, he grew up with these songs. It’s just natural for him to explore this music and to interpret these classic numbers.

“I love the Old English words in hymns. They sound elegant and poetic to me. Some of these songs have also...

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