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My Testimony (about me) I straddled the fence most of my life. I was raised in the church and had loving responsible parents who were always there for their children. They were married while still teenagers, yet stayed married for nearly 60 years. I have had every advantage where a family is concerned but still felt unconnected. Both my parents passed on now and I have rededicated my life to Jesus, and am on fire for God. My brother and I have chosen to use our gifts to minister thru faith and song, for the Lord in dedication to the loving memory of our parents. I am co- founder of a Musical Ministry located in Capital Hts. Md. called "Spirit 2 Spirit" We are Innovators' of a new genre of music called Message Music. Message Music is designed to inspire one to seek a personal relationship with God thru the spirit of Jesus Christ... God Is Vision... We feel it is our mission to share this visionary concept not only with the Christian community, but with the entire world. We know through God this endeavor will begin to be realized to assist the millions in need We are hoping thru you this endeavor can begin to be realized to assist the millions in need in the healing process. Truly we believe music is a media unmatched in reaching the masses. This Ministry is not only our family Legacy, it is our passion and purpose. Our father co-founded and sang for a local quartet group ( The Mighty Southern Echoes ) for nearly 50 years and this is now our effort to do our Part. Remember: God is not a man but Spirit, those who would worship him must worship him in Spirit and in Truth… Mike & Denny Jenkins/Spirit 2 Spirit Spirit 2 Spirit is one of the Elite Forces in Message/Christian based music, and diligently works to be a voice for God in that field. Message Music's (Mission), is to help mankind Recognize Spirituality, form Religion, Clarify; man understanding from God's, understanding and Discern interpretation from Truth...


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Adopting Ministries/Sharing Partnerships

By Denny Jenkins/Spirit2Spirit, 2011-12-01



 (our spirit to your spirit)


Kingdom Greetings  We are Spirit 2 Spirit. This message is not a form of advertisement, it is a genuine attempt to reach out to minister to souls with the gifts God has given us! We are simple loving souls, praying to be part of the light in life. There is nothing we love more than to help others!  Whatever the situation...Know Love is the Key!

We are first and foremost a ministry!

We are founders of a Music Ministry called Spirit 2 Sprit.

Spirit 2 Spirit is the Vision of two brothers… We love the Lord!
We live to share the love and hope that exist in a life of joyful purpose...
Our Vision is to establish a new genre of music called
"Message Music"

This is our passion and our Purpose…

Message Music’s message is…God Is…God Lives! 

It is our duty in Christ to share this Ministry
Message Music is designed to inspire one to seek a personal relationship with God thru the spirit with a message of truth….in Jesus Christ
Welcome to the World of "Message Music"

Please take a listen to some of our music, and let us know what u think...

We hope you like our music!


You can share with us, any issue, vision, or idea you have in mind!

Please allow us to share part of our vision with you. These thoughts have been laid on my heart thru the spirit, from real life experiences that have been shared with us.

I have very little regard for Ministries, Pastors, Churches, Evangelist, International Ministries, Charities ect… Who have the support of loving charitable Christian people, by way of Tithes, donations, gifts, pledges and the like, (whether they be from the poor, average, or well to do) but don’t operate with a true sense of giving.

We ourselves have a giving spirit and have supported International and Mega Ministries but their help doesn’t trickle down to help those in need in my community!  How about yours? It may never happen!  I know folk who have tithed religiously with their church, and when faced with personal hardship have been directed to seek help from The Department of Social Services….Sad but True!


After viewing countless Religious/Spiritual programs, Concerts, Testimonies, Websites, documentaries, and the like, on mega Christian Networks like TBN and CBN and receiving emails like this one:


Give a sacrificial PRAISE OFFERING -- sow a seed of faith of $20 or more today into the Breakthrough ministry -- to help me proclaim the Gospel to a lost and dying world through our TV broadcast ... and I will send you Angels Unemployed, a three-DVD video series that I believe will lead to angelic help in your life.

Give a sacrifice of praise to God, and sow your sacrificial seed of faith. Let me suggest a gift of $20, $40 or $60, as you ask God to dispatch His angels to protect and strengthen you.


After having contacted and made Pledges and Donations to Ministries of this kind, like countless others have wanting to help those in need. I realized they ask you to partner with them in their efforts to spread the Gospel. I wondered what it really meant when they said partner with us?

 I believe good things are being done, but where is the partnership?  You give, but it is as if you are paying for a product or service.  I have personally tried to contact some of these organizations to solicit some feedback with my concerns and vision to no avail.


Now, having founded a Musical Ministry, as we began to network and ask people for support for the Ministry, we felt as though we were doing the very same thing, and we know we want to inspire people to seek a personal relationship with God and help those in need, for we live in a time where there is GREAT NEED!

What God has put on our hearts is this… A true partnership with a Ministry, Church, foundation (ect…

The universal truth is, it is in our giving we receive. It is the charge of every Ministry to take what is donated to them to do for others in need. So it is every Ministries responsibility to give., however, if your ministry is in lack there is little you can do to help.  If Ministries include other ministries in their giving, it will allow additional funds for their causes….A simple example,  if we give to Ministry X this month, Ministry X  will have those funds to work with that Month, in turn,  if  Ministry X gives to our Ministry next month,  ours will have those funds to work with that month. So, If this simple exercise of giving is adopted among many Ministries, a guaranteed flow of income will be in motion for the Ministries to operate with, not counting the individual donations/pledges, or donations/pledges made by companies for tax purposes. Meaning every ministry should have the giving go both ways, so the giving helps all involved.  Example:  We have a music Ministry, so we donate and pledge by way of Concert and Cd Revenue along with Benefit performances and fund raising events.  We can also include an exchange of link posts to one another’s websites for traffic promotion for Donations and Pledges to one another, not just one way giving..

For individuals who give with no organization affiliation, they should be given personal assistance when needed and always be given a gift!   I believe this is a true Spirit of giving that will add integrity, blessings and honor to the building of the Kingdom.

We truly need a unified effort for this to work…Please give us your honest input regarding this matter… Ministries Giving Ministries!  Excellent!


Is your Ministries major concern the growth of the Congregation?

Or are you in the church business, as opposed to the business of saving Lives and Souls?   God Knows!!!

Everything belongs to God, but the world says if I buy it, it’s mine!   There’s no such thing as a free ride! Yet Jesus paid the Price!


We live in a time where the need is so great. Natural disasters and horrific situations are spanning the globe, so we want to do our part by focusing on our own community. 

How many folks do you know who are struggling with the necessities in life, right in your own community?

It has been placed on our hearts to ask everyone who is connected in any way to a Church, Ministry, or Charitable organization to  incorporate this vision of giving to help those who duties in Christ are to unconditionally help those in need !!!


Hopefully this message will be the defining hour in your life! 

Thank you for your indulgence,…I pray this message will lead to great accomplishments for the Glory of God…

May God bless and keep you…Peace


We are currently awaiting the release of our upcoming Project, projected to be released by The Tate Music Group in the spring of 2011


Please feel free to visit our website to acquaint yourself with our efforts....When you visit our site please click on our Ministry tab to see what we are attempting to accomplish…We would like to add your Ministry or charitable organization to the list!


You can reach us at this email address as well:

We are asking everyone to please call your local Christian/Gospel/ stations to request to play our music…That will be a great help in our cause….To reach and give those in need!  Thank you…

I apologize for the length of this message, but we feel very strongly about this!

Can you Please take this vision to a Christian conference and share it?


Your family in Christ...

Mike & Denny Jenkins/Spirit 2 Spirit



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Divine Purpose

By Denny Jenkins/Spirit2Spirit, 2014-04-23

Father, thank You for Your favor, strength, and mercy. Today I renounce fear and choose to trust in Your plan of victory. Thank You for filling me with Your peace and joy and for keeping me close to You in Jesus’ name. Amen.

It’s a small world after all…If you think yourself unworthy of saving or insignificant…Think again…
It has been proven you are just an introduction away from your breakthrough. You have to know in your heart that in truth, you know somebody, who knows somebody to the 7th power, who will aid you in some way toward your complete healing, whatever the situation. I live in one of the most powerful and influential countries in the world, where there are individuals who believe The United States is not just the name of a continent, but a state of being. This appeal goes out to the millionaires & billionaires around the world via the net, whose hearts are as big as their pockets. I realize money isn’t a fix it all, but it’s an excellent start!

I have experienced drug addiction, incarceration, two heart operations, a broken neck, several mental institutions and death itself, and I’ve survived… yes, I’m still here…by Gods’ Grace.

You may have experienced less, but you can bet you have family, friends, associates, co-workers, ect who know somebody, who knows somebody ect, who have….Hello!

Bill Gates, Oprah, All fortune 500 stock holders, Professional Sports figures, Old Money, Self-Made Wealthy Entrepreneurs Lotto Winners ect….Hello… We haven’t met yet, but I know somebody, who knows somebody, who knows somebody ect who met you, and I believe you will consider me worthy, for I believe nothing happens by mistake or chance…It’s about divine purpose.

I believe God wants us to claim who & what we are in Him. "His Child" My name is Denny Jenkins, and I am a Humanitarian/Artist. I am a Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Producer/Painter & Writer. My brother and I founded a non-profit organization last year, “Spirit 2 Spirit Message Music Ministry Communication Inc” whose purpose is to Produce “Message Music”, share and teach our gifts and talents, pool funds to support Ministries, Charities, Humanitarian causes, Research, needy individuals and their families. .

To be fishermen who teach others to fish, for it is in our giving we receive!

Tell someone who knows somebody, who knows somebody, who knows somebody ect…until it reaches me…God bless you…

The funds are tax deductible, but more importantly, lifesaving and life changing!!!

About Us
One of the goals of Message Music is to use the universal language of music to attract the attention of lower-moderate income students to inspire them to become more conscious of their spiritual needs. Many young adults are economically disadvantaged, most distressed. They need both spiritual awareness and a means to assist and help them sustain a purposeful life, more specifically; a zeal to pursue a higher level of consciousness to develop a foundation of faith. “Message Music", is designed to aid in spiritual enlightenment; by providing faith-based information; in song.

Music is a universal language; it touches the spirit of people around the globe, from all walks of life. It can be used as a powerful tool to bring individuals from diverse backgrounds and communities together with a common belief, expressing similar ambitions. Spirit 2 Spirit believes that each person is naturally gifted and it is a person’s duty to whole-heartedly share their gifts and talents in God's service, with their fellow man.
The purpose of our music ministry is to provide encouragement, inspiration; information, mentoring and training in message music, liturgical dance, instrumental music, creative writing, and audio & video recording. and song. Also, to provide sustenance to the lower-moderate income and socio-economically disadvantaged who respond favorably to music. We want to create an Advocacy Network that also fosters to the socio-economic and spiritual advancement of individuals who are in economic distress.

We are building a Network of faith-based community service organizations and business groups for the purpose of providing needy persons, both young old a chance to get involved in community programs. We intend to create opportunities to administer work skill training in the areas best suited for individual aptitude. This will give them an opportunity to pursue, develop and share their gifts (in a school setting) to find or create jobs.
On an annual basis, a public performance will be presented, “The Thomas Jenkins Gospel Message Music Award”, in memory of the father of the Founders of the Corporation, using the our students to participate in all areas of the performance, i.e., music, dance, and their special talents;

Our ministry is now asking Millionaires, billionaires and other nonprofit organizations, communities, quality arts programming, in-school arts education residencies, professional development for arts organizations, and presenters to partnership for this same cause.

We would appreciate any listings of warehouse and/or commercial space available in the DMV area that could be used for office and training space (preferably with ample parking space) and any help in the acquisition of such property. We are also interested in applying for any and all Grants that our non-profit status could make us eligible for.

Please contact us.
I look forward to meeting you and your support!

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