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My Testimony (about me) I straddled the fence most of my life. I was raised in the church and had loving responsible parents who were always there for their children. They were married while still teenagers, yet stayed married for nearly 60 years. I have had every advantage where a family is concerned but still felt unconnected. Both my parents passed on now and I have rededicated my life to Jesus, and am on fire for God. My brother and I have chosen to use our gifts to minister thru faith and song, for the Lord in dedication to the loving memory of our parents. I am co- founder of a Musical Ministry located in Capital Hts. Md. called "Spirit 2 Spirit" We are Innovators' of a new genre of music called Message Music. Message Music is designed to inspire one to seek a personal relationship with God thru the spirit of Jesus Christ... God Is Vision... We feel it is our mission to share this visionary concept not only with the Christian community, but with the entire world. We know through God this endeavor will begin to be realized to assist the millions in need We are hoping thru you this endeavor can begin to be realized to assist the millions in need in the healing process. Truly we believe music is a media unmatched in reaching the masses. This Ministry is not only our family Legacy, it is our passion and purpose. Our father co-founded and sang for a local quartet group ( The Mighty Southern Echoes ) for nearly 50 years and this is now our effort to do our Part. Remember: God is not a man but Spirit, those who would worship him must worship him in Spirit and in Truth… Mike & Denny Jenkins/Spirit 2 Spirit Spirit 2 Spirit is one of the Elite Forces in Message/Christian based music, and diligently works to be a voice for God in that field. Message Music's (Mission), is to help mankind Recognize Spirituality, form Religion, Clarify; man understanding from God's, understanding and Discern interpretation from Truth...


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Never Give Up

Never Give Up

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The Lord's Prayer

The Lord's Prayer

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Denny Jenkins/Spirit2Spirit
@denny-jenkins-spirit2spirit • 9 years ago
Shekinah News: Spirit to Spirit just released their new video in response to the rash of Police violence against U.S citizens around the country and in recent news Baltimore....Keep The Peace...

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Denny Jenkins/Spirit2Spirit

Adopting Ministries/Sharing Partnership

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