Adopting Ministries/Sharing Partnership

Denny Jenkins/Spirit2Spirit
06/03/11 04:53:08AM


Do You Care?


With His Word, GOD created the heavens, the earth and every form of life known to man. If you truly believe this; “Then, What has more power than the Word of GOD!” 


“The word states”; “God is not a man, but Spirit, Those who would worship him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth!” Here’s some Truth. The material wealth of the world is measured by a natural resource, that man claims ownership. and, lies in the hands and control of but a few.  This is a fact, not fiction, yet The Word says we are rich in Spirit.  That won’t feed, clothe or house anyone, but does that make the Word a lie?  No!  We do!  No matter the level of poverty an individual or group may suffer, there is always someone who suffers more but,           


“Do you Care?”


We can go on and on till judgment day complaining  about the problems that exist or we can exercise some solutions. There will be no fix it all in my lifetime; unless Jesus returns before I go so I’ll share with you the part we are playing to help heal the world. The key is to get in where you fit in. I personally get tired of talking about Charity and asking people to give.  It usually falls dead on the ears of the average person, yet that’s what it all boils down to, but you can’t give what you don’t have….”It Takes A Heart”  The most valuable thing you can give is your time, and that’s borrowed.  Many say money is the root of all evil, but I say to you, it is only a tool…The evil lies in hording, ignorance, and selfishness. The haves and have not’s.  Most folks don’t have enough….


Here is one of our ideas…


Ministries, Charites, and individuals adopting Ministries, Charites, and individuals. An exchange of funds and or services on a quarterly schedule.  It’s really simple.  We give a donation, pledge or offer a service to your organization or to an individual, “which is tax deductible ” and in 3 months the individual or organization does so in kind for our organization and or individual in return. This will create a system of cash flow that was nonexistent. Each party involved will have the use of these funds much like a loan without fees or interest.  


When an individual or organization donates and or pledges to a tax exempt non-profit organization they receive a tax credit. Nonprofits are supposedly in the Charity business. Their function is not to gain a profit, yet individuals within the organization can and do earn monetary compensation for the services they perform. In most cases they use volunteers which cut down operating cost and usually the administrators get paid and the help doesn’t. “A common practice”.  Most of the goods and equipment they need to operate are donated for tax credits which sound like a win, win situation, but who benefits the most? Most charities have their hand out, but they don't necessarily help one another or service the same area.  We’re in the charity business but no one can’t give what we don’t have…


Please take a good look at this and decide for yourself if spreading the help around doesn’t sound feasible and worth the effort!


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