E. Pettersen


I've been involved in music in some form all my life. Toured with bands, written, recorded and done live solo performances which is what I'm getting back into now. My profession is retail store designer, but my passion is the music and the message.


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Location: Chesterfield, VA
Zipcode: 23838
Country: US


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@Jerry Herrera, 09/11/17 12:12:05AM
Thank you Ed, for offing your music on THE DUSTY ROADS RADIO; I will do that, you have a lot of great songs and a beautiful voice!
God Bless!
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@Wayne Sanelli, 11/07/16 09:30:20PM
Bless you E Pettersen Wayne
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@Zack Martin, 01/31/15 02:24:12AM
Hi Rd, you have an amazing voice and I really enjoy your music. Thanks for sharing your miistry in Indie. I really like the changes Jen has made in Indie with all the new and better stuff. God Bless you my brother.
Zack Martin