It all began after having played the rock circuit in New Orleans for years in a secular rock band. Years later, in 1995, DiChiara was born again and a member of then, Trinity Christian Center. Therein laid a quandary…what to do with the music that was still burgeoning within? Empowered was originally born in 1998 by DiChiara. After a first recording, changes of band members, and a long hiatus, Empowered has taken its ministry to the next level with the 2012 CD release of “Soul Cry,” recorded in Nashville. Empowered is a Christian rock band that is based out of Baton Rouge, LA, that wants to empower others with His message. After all, Jesus is the Rock! After pulling together new material from the past couple of years, the band got in touch with Jason Wall at Angel on the Wall Music in Nashville, TN. Studio time was booked, and multi-Grammy Award winner for producing, Jim Dineen of Nashville was added to the mix. The disc was mastered by Erik Wolf at Wolf Mastering in Nashville as well. The Soul Cry disc has tracks that range from guitar-driven rock styles to soft ballads that will stir the soul. The band has made a pledge to the Lord to play Christian music in His honor, and to “empower” people with God’s message. If one life is saved for eternity, this band has done its job. The stage is set for music with passion. Let His message be heard!




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And the whirlwind continues! After introducing the official launch of our radio single, Listen to the Children, we debuted on the IndieGospel.net Top Video chart at #1, and the radio single just went #3 on their music Top 10 chart! Thank you, Jesus for giving us the opportunity to take your Word to the masses. To God be the glory! Thank you to our wives and families for the endless support. Thank you to all who support us, we love you!

So, we follow this with the official video release of the title track, Three Days. We pray that His message resonate throughout the world that there is hope, and hope is Him. Again, a very special thanks to #MikeyHoward for producing this record, Three Days, and for all of his heart, expertise, mentorship, and friendship.
Thanks to #FarmlandStudios in Nashville for allowing us to record in your space. Thanks to the awesome #RobertVenable, for your excellent mix work on this, and to #TroyGlessner at S.P.E.C.T.R.E Mastering.

ALWAYS a very special thanks to our team behind the scenes that no one hears about: #DonnaDiChiara, #VanceHughes, #BrandyeHughes, #GeorgeVonWolff, #RandyPylant, #RichyLong, #GaryGovernale.

And a special thanks to Purpose Church for the location to shoot this: #ChadDinkel, #PurposeChurch. We pray this song/record touches you and encourages you to rock for The One! #Empowered #ThreeDays #ChristianRock #NewMusic #NewMusicVideo #MikeyHoward #RobertVenable #TroyGlessner #FarmlandStudios


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