Gary W Weldon Sr


I am just a humble servant of my Lord. He alone has chosen to gift me with many talents, So I might give Honor & Glory to him . With the guidance of the Holy Spirit I pour my heart out in song. I have completed 3 albums to date and am currently working on apx 40 more songs. I produce the last album " I am here but not alone" apx 95% by myself, I played all instruments, vocals, songwriting, recording, editing, mastering ect I just pray that my songs inspire, uplift,and encourge others in their walk , seeking their fullfillment of God


Location: Millville, NJ
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Someone needs you jesus

album: "Glory of Gods Love"
genre: CCM
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Someone needs you jesus
T. Roy Taylor
09/03/21 03:23:39AM @t-roy-taylor:

Great song by Gary W. Weldon Sr. "Someone Needs You Jesus" - That someone is me. Catchy lyrics and good song arrangement by a brother who has already hit #1 on our Top 20 chart. FOLLOW Gary and request his song at KEN RICH's Radio Show!


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