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I am just a humble servant of my Lord. He alone has chosen to gift me with many talents, So I might give Honor & Glory to him . With the guidance of the Holy Spirit I pour my heart out in song. I have completed 3 albums to date and am currently working on apx 40 more songs. I produce the last album " I am here but not alone" apx 95% by myself, I played all instruments, vocals, songwriting, recording, editing, mastering ect I just pray that my songs inspire, uplift,and encourge others in their walk , seeking their fullfillment of God


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All about you
James Banfield
07/04/16 10:40:45AM @james-banfield:

Gary, I heard a guy on Fox and Friends that sounded a lot  like you. He did a song called "Slam Bam"a country song that came out back in the late 90's.  Anyways... I cant seem to find any new stuff from "Weldon" You are such a talent for the Lord especially with the lyrics and the directness straight to the Lord. Hey let us know here at Indie Gospel Top 20 Chart! Thanks man... This past year hasnt been good health wise.. sure glad the Lord chose to help me thru this journey.. Amen  JB   


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