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Antique Bibles vs. Rare Bible vs. Valuable Bibles: What is the difference?

A Bible can be antique, but not rare.

A Bible can be rare, but not antique.

A Bible can be both antique and rare, but not valuable.

However, what most collectors want, and what we almost exclusively deal in, are Bibles that check all three boxes: Bibles that are antique and rare and valuable.

So, how can you determine whether a Bible is antique or rare or valuable?  First and foremost, you should only purchase from a reputable dealer.  We here at The Bible Museum ( GREATSITE.COM ) have been the world’s largest dealers of rare and antique Bibles since 1987, and there are no other full-time professional rare book dealers who focus exclusively on ancient Biblical printings, and move a significant volume of such material, making our organization a “near monopoly” in this niche market for over 35 years.

That being said, we also strive to educate our customers so that they can be...

Know All About The Bible Museum

By GreatsiteDotCom, 2022-05-05
Know All About The Bible Museum

This post isn't about the Washington, DC-based Museum of the Bible. Instead, it's about the interesting journey of The Bible Museum and how it grew up to become a popular name worldwide from its modest start. It all began without any plan, but by God's grace, it grew so big that people from far and wide now come to the online site as well as the physical store to browse and buy ancient and rare Bibles and Bible leaves.

Since 1987, The Bible Museum has been the largest dealer of antique and rare Bibles globally. Its sales figures for rare Bibles are significantly more than the collective total of all other dealers selling rare books worldwide. Since 1996, the online shop of The Bible Museum has been functioning at GREATSITE.COM . This popular website finds...